Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WijvenWeek - La Casa de Chicas

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First, I need to vent. Two bad nights in a row with the girls. They're driving me INSANE!!!

I'd already chosen to post about the advantages of having an all-girl household, and maybe doing so will help me remember just what it is I like about them.

The toilet seat's always down. Although, there was one time, after a male friend visited where I had that "WTF?" experience!

No one asks if it's that time of the month. A bad mood is just a bad mood, possibly blamed on being tired or a hard day, but never does the cycle come up as an explanation.

Open swooning for hot celebs. Although, there are some disagreements. Riley doesn't get the Johnny Depp thing.

I don't get the Zac Efron thing.

Neither of them get the George Clooney thing.

Nobody answers, "what are you thinking about?" with "nothing." Yes, it's possible you might get way too much information, but awkward, quiet moments just don't happen. An expansion of that is...

No one holds back their emotions. It's all out there for everyone to see and hear, and deal with. And all problems are thoroughly talked out. And here's one I learned from "The Brady Bunch:" no one goes to bed angry.

I'm not chastised for being scared of spiders. The girls don't laugh at me or make fun of me when I scream at a spider. They're very empathetic, and when possible, do the killing for me. (Now there's a lifelong skill for them to take with them!)

No roles are set by gender. I know this couple that gets some very weird looks sometimes because the woman always drives. She enjoys the driver's seat, he'd rather not listen to her back-seat directions. It works for them and shouldn't need explanation. Growing up, my dad did all the cooking. I drive, I cook, I clean, I discipline, I comfort, I play the games, I'm the good and bad cop, I've even hammered a few nails and fixed a few toilets over the years. However, they've also learned that sometimes you ask for help. Or directions.


Anonymous said...

oh, how can she not get the Johnny Depp thing? lol

Kori said...

I agree with Johnny Depp-he makes my knees weak. I DON'T get the George Clooney thing-at all. He reminds me of every handsome but very bad boyfriend I have ever had-hot, sure, but also slightly slimy and very slick. I don't know who the Efron guy is, am I missing something important?

KG said...

I love it! Johnny Depp is a stud. Zac looks like a 14 year old girl and George . . . well . . . mamacita is that man a HOTTIE. In a major way.

Jen said...

My respect for Riley has gone down maybe just a millionth of a millimeter since she doesn't get the Johnny Depp thing. That's just wrong. And I think you have to be 14 and under to get the Zac thing.

Tara R. said...

Oh to hear something other than "nothing" when asking about what's going on in their heads would be glorious... I live in a male heavy house... I need a girls' night out!

(tag you're it! Only if you want to, come see at my place.)

Anonymous said...

I'm going with no on Johnny and Zac but a big YES on George.

And I applaud you for shedding all those pesky pre-set gender roles. I proudly own an entire set of Ryobi tools and plan to teach my boys how to use them. Right after I teach them to how to clean up the pee on the floor since I am unable to teach them how to aim.

(But hey! They always put the seat down! Their future wives will thank me some day...)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Kori on George. I do like Johnny Depp when he's not all slimey mechanic looking. Zac? Yeah, a little out of my age range, thanks. I'm with you there.

LunaNik said...

Johnny Depp AND George Clooney in one post...**swoon**salivate**

Ok, I've changed my panties and am on to comment on the actual content of this post rather than the eye candy. You effing rock. Have I told you that lately? Your just doing such a great job girl. You make me ashamed that I bitch and complain as much as I do because here you are, a single mom, and you're totally kicking ass. Rock on, April, rock on.