Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Watched Gone Baby Gone. I really want to discuss this film, but don't want to spoil it for anyone, either. It raises some interesting questions.

Only my fellow musical-theatre lovers will appreciate this next paragraph. Sirius' Broadway's Best played "An Evening with Kander & Ebb," which was performed before Chicago opened on Broadway. The most exciting part was hearing the song "Roxie" as it was originally written, which was different than what ended up in the show.

I barely survived the work week as a person from another department, but just 10 feet away from me, threatened to take away all threads left of my sanity BY TALKING LIKE THIS. FOR FIVE. HOURS. STRAIGHT. Unfortunately, she has the emotional maturity of a toddler, so any attempts to request a lesser volume is met with even louder tantrums.

The biggest news was getting my hair cut. Now, mind you, I wasn't going for anything drastic. But, considering I first started thinking that it was time to get my hair trimmed back in November, it was long overdue. I actually made an appointment about a month ago, and then, of course, that's the day I had to go pick up a sick child from school and couldn't reschedule until now.

There was actual cheering as I left the office to finally get it done.

Here's a before pic that Riley took a couple weeks ago:

Now, let me reiterate, I wasn't going for anything drastic. Some were disappointed that my hair cut didn't completely transform me. Others were happy I kept it long. Because, apparently, my hair is for everyone else.

Here's the "new" me:

Everyone also wants me to get up an hour earlier to curl my hair like this every day. That's not going to happen. Riley thought we should at least take a picture.

Girls' highlights: Sylvia made the Honor Roll at school! She was so incredibly excited, and I'm so happy for her. And I love this pic that Riley took of her.

Riley is counting down the days until we go down to my sister's next weekend.

Oh, yeah! And I finally downloaded photos from my camera. (I think that took longer than getting my hair cut.)


Jen said...

Nice hair! And beautiful daughters. Congrats to Sylvia!

MarĂ­a said...

I love your hair! And you're all so beautiful!

Good job Sylvia!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can barely tell you got a cut. Was it just a trim?

Beautiful family though. I'm also in love with your black cat. :)

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great (as do you), and I completely understand not wanting to do it everyday! I put my hair up in this weird version of a ponytail every day. I'm not trying to impress everyone with my hair.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Gone Baby Gone even though it was tough to watch at points.

You should totally discuss it -- It's been out long enough that you're not going to spoil it for anyone and you can just put a huge disclaimer at the top warning people.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts...

Unknown said...

I love the new you picture. Even though the length doesn't look too drastic, it looks four hundred time healthier and shiny!

LunaNik said...

Damn girl you got some beautiful healthy and shiny and bouncy!!

I haven't seen Gone Baby Gone yet but I'm dying to.

And, p.s., your kids are super cute!!!