Monday, March 17, 2008

Why I Hate Shopping

I was all set to do my part for my country and shop 'til I dropped this weekend. No, we weren't going to solve the economy's problems all by ourselves, my sister and I, but we'd drop a few bucks here and there.

First store: way too young for us. OMG, we're so old!

Second store: Payless. Oooh, shoes! We both managed to find pairs we wanted, all the while not remembering what it is that we needed. You know how it is: you're getting dressed, and you don't have the right pair of shoes to go with the outfit. But when you're standing in front of that wall of shoes, it's just all too overwhelming. You can't remember what it is you actually needed! But I found yet another pair of black shoes that I liked. Only the 7s were too big. The 6s too small. The 6 1/2 may have been just right...if only they had them in stock. What to do: go with the pair that feel like they might fall off at any moment, or go with the pair that are snug and will cause pain after an 8-hour day? Yes, I went with the painful pair. I keep hoping, with shoes like that, that there will be some evening event where I can wear them for just a couple of hours to break them in. All the while forgetting that I have no life. At $10, though, how big of a mistake can it really be?

Third store: we were most excited about checking out Steve & Berry's, and specifically, Sarah Jessica Parker's new line. Everything in the store was $8.98. Awesome! Only problem: finding things that we actually liked and that actually fit.

I tried on a pair of size 8 pants. They're too big - always nice. I try on the size 6. While they fit right on the hips, the waist is way too big, and I just don't want to be one of those women that's showing off her panties while sitting...especially at work. So I either need to gain weight to fit into them properly or lose weight to fit into a 4. (And isn't the waist supposed to be smaller than the hips?) Since neither option is appealing, I didn't buy the pants.

Then the shirts. The Mediums were just way too big. The Smalls were just way too small. Really? I don't have the right body type to just buy clothes? I managed to find a vest that fit okay. And that's it.

The good news: I didn't spend a lot of money. The bad news: I remembered why I hate shopping. I'll most likely not attempt that again for at least a year.

The highlight: margaritas at lunch, Starbucks on the way home. Those fit just fine!


Melissa said...

I am sooo with you on hating to shop. I don't mind if I am doing it by my self, but I hate having to wait around for the other people I am with...sounds rude...but I don't mind being there if i am looking for what I want...but I dont like being there...espesally for other peoples stuff :)

Anonymous said...

How annoying that you couldn't really find anything you liked!

I hear you about the shoes though. Although, sadly, I have hooves so large they almost never have my size anyway.

At least you had a day out with your sister.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I was going to say something about not being qualified to comment on this post, being that I'm a guy and all, but I'm with you... I HATE SHOPPING WITH A VENGEANCE!

btw, don't know why you weren't in my feeder... but you are now :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds shopping a little frustrating sometimes. I tried online for a while but had problems with fitting. I like the approach of day with sis with a side of shopping- take it or leave it. I love your blog.


Kori said...

I hate to shop as well; nothing EVER fits right (big ass, small waist, big boobs, small waist-TERRIBLE combos!), I am not at all trendy, and everything costs too much. I wear the same kind of jeans, have two different colors of boots (though no, I am not a cowboy), red and brown, and some Dr. Scholls slip-on mocs. Khaki pants for work, and that is the extent of my wardrobe. I always end up getting frustrated and near tears. Yep, I skip the shopping and head straight to Starbucks, where I can be one of those people you talked about before who has nowhere else to go! :)

OHmommy said...

Sarah Jessica Parker's stuff doesn;t fit properly? Oh, poo. I was hoping to hear good tings.

LOL... I am between a 6 and an 8 to. How come they don't have 7's?

LunaNik said...

That last line killed me:

"...margaritas at lunch, Starbucks on the way home. Those fit just fine!"


Tara R. said...

I an a "mission" shopper... I'm on a mission and I get in and get out as soon as possible. Size is not my problem, style is. I'm the new 'tween - between my teenaged daughter and AARP mother.

KG said...

I hate shopping. This is compunded by the fact that my kid grows so fast that I am perpetually on the lookout for children's clothes.

At least I don't have to try them on.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like least the margaritas part!

I am so jealous that you wear a size 6.5 shoe. I used to wear an 8, but while I was pregnant with #1 I went up to wearing a 10.5 (no, I'm not kidding...and it wasn't just swollen feet, either!). They went back down to a 9 after I delivered but never smaller.

Don Mills Diva said...

I'm not a big shopper either - love clothes but hate trying to find them. Margaritas? Never a problem.

Unknown said...

I hear ya! I hate shopping and that's why I buy five of any basics that I like. With other stuff, hoodies and tees, it's no biggie, I actually like shopping for those. But pants, dressy clothes...ugh.

The margaritas and lunch sound perfect though. Well worth the outing :)