Friday, September 14, 2007

Where did my Mommy Powers come from?

Two nights ago, I located the remote control that neither of my girls could find. This morning, I knew exactly where Riley's glasses would be when she said "in my room." How do I know this stuff? And why doesn't it work on me?

When did I get the eyes in the back of my head?

How do I absolutely know when my daughter's revving up to get herself in trouble?

I'm more comfortable with the times when I have no idea what to do - when I'm racking my brain for the right answer. I simply don't recognize myself when I have those oh-so-typical Mom moments because they just don't feel like me. I'm disorganized, messy, emotional, and irrational. How do I manage to stay calm in moments where my kids are either sick or in distress?

I'm completely unobservant (to the point where I knew something was different about my husband at the time, but it took me about a day and a half to figure out he'd shaved his moustache off) - so how is it that I always know exactly what my kids are wearing?

I'm not a morning person (still stay up 'til midnight most nights); how do I manage to get up every morning before 6 and get the kids going?

I'm easily distracted - how am I able to understand both my daughters when they're talking to me simultaneously?

What have these children done to me?!?

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