Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Emmy Picks

Just my thoughts on the upcoming Emmys, as a self-professed awards show junkie.

Best Drama: Please let it be The Sopranos! This was the best show ever on television! It really had it all: character-driven, but with action, humor, and lots of surprises! I will miss you!!

Best Comedy: I'm rooting for The Office - I look forward to this show every week, even if it's a repeat.

Lead Actor in a Comedy: Steve Carrell of The Office. I love all the actors on this show, but Steve Carrell absolutely makes it.

Lead Actress in a Comedy: Frankly, I don't watch enough of these shows to really form an opinion, but I'm a fan of both Mary Louise Parker & Felicity Huffman.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy: Please let it be Neil Patrick Harris. I just love his Barney!

Supporting Actress in a Comedy: I have to go with Jenna Fischer from The Office. That understated, completely believable character acting is a marvel to watch!

Lead Actor in a Drama: James Gandolfini.

Lead Actress in a Drama: This is a tough one. I love Sally Field, Edie Falco, and Minnie Driver in The Riches (a pretty cool show), so I'd be happy with any of them, but I think I'd have to go with Sally Field. That woman is breath-taking!

Supporting Actor in a Drama: Michael Imperioli - his Christopher was a highlight of this spectacular show.

Supporting Actress in a Drama: I think every woman in this category does remarkable work - just can't pick a favorite (what can I say; decisions can be difficult for me!)

Best Competition Reality Series: Project Runway, please let it be your turn! The only competition-nominated show I'm still watching; it's because it's good stuff!

Okay, those are the only categories in which I watch enough of the shows to really make a judgment call.