Monday, September 17, 2007

The Emmy Awards or...What the Heck was that?!?

This had to be the worst Emmy Awards ever, at least in terms of production values. If you're going to do a show in the round, then you actually have to do the show in the round. It was directed like it was a proscenium stage! They should have had mics on 4 sides and then alternated for each award.

And while I loved the idea of The Sopranos tribute, it was directed in such a way where the lights completely interfered with my ability to actually see any of the clips. I liked the idea of using the Jersey Boys, too, but it ended up being too much happening and just a hot mess! At least the cast got to take a bow.

Would've been nice, too, if I could've seen the ovations for the award winners instead of being distracted by the clips. The clips should've been played for the nominees, not while the winners were taking the stage.

And you don't play music for Robert Duvall!! At least, not until absolutely necessary. And then NOT play it for Helen Mirren?!? Either respect legends or don't.

The first time they cut away to censor, I had no idea what was going on. One minute, I'm watching Ray Romano, the next I'm looking at the outside of the Shrine. What's wrong with the bleep? It looked like someone was asleep at the wheel and didn't realize there was still a show going on!

As far as who won, well, as James Spader said, no one really even understands who votes for this, so what are you going to do? But I am convinced that everyone just checked a "James" without checking if it was Spader or Gandolfini. I'm actually a huge fan of Boston Legal and James Spader, but Gandolfini was definitely robbed last night!

I think the best moments were: the writers' names for the late night shows (Bill Maher's was the funniest of all), Elaine Stritch (love her), James Spader's acceptance speech, and Lewis Black. Thank you, Lewis Black, for telling the networks how annoying the crawls are, and how distracting the "up next" things have become. I doubt it will change anything, but you definitely spoke for me last night!

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