Friday, September 21, 2007

Days Like This, I Knew...but a Week?

I can't remember back to Monday. I know there was something...just don't know what.
Tuesday night: Riley woke up, talking away. I'm thinking that my alarm clock will be going off any minute. I ask her what time it is. 2:15 a.m. Riley, go back to bed. We were staying at my parents' house. The alarm went off, but I ignored the fact that there was no snooze button. 20 minutes later, I'm up, freaking out. I go downstairs. No coffee (even though I know I set the timer). I look at the clocks in the kitchen. 4:30 a.m. (not 6 a.m., as the portable alarm clock said). Oi!
Wednesday: Sylvia gets stranded at school (aha! Now I remember Monday's mini-drama. Sylvia didn't have a Thespian Club meeting after school, like we'd originally thought so there was no one to pick her up. Luckily, KIPP rocks, so they just took her up to tutoring until 6). Oh, and Sylvia's notebook also completely came apart so we were re-organizing her stuff until almost 10 pm.
Thursday: Riley's Back to School Night. Riley had bought a book at the Book Fair earlier that day and told her teacher she was leaving it until we came back for Back to School night. Her teacher went along with it (!), but of course by the time we were there, the book was gone. Since we got home late, Sylvia had a late start getting to her homework, and was again doing that until 9:30.
Friday: Usually Free Fridays, where Sylvia gets to wear jeans. Just as I'm getting ready to drop off Riley at school, Sylvia calls, crying. She needs her uniform pants. Back home to get them, back to Riley's school to drop her off, back to KIPP to drop the pants off...about a half-hour late to work.
I know motherhood isn't supposed to be easy...but does it always have to be this difficult?

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