Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Before you vote...

The other day, I was walking by these 2 guys. One was saying to the other, "2008 is anyone's game" (yeah) "I'd vote for Ron Paul. I don't know anything about him, but..." By then, they were past me and I couldn't hear anymore. But...what? You think he's an interesting guy? You'd like to have a beer with him? I mean, okay, if you've picked a candidate, but don't you think you might want to know at least something about where he stands on the issues? How can you say you're going to vote for someone and then say you don't know anything about them?!? I think that's what they call putting the cart before the horse.
So before you vote, please take the time to learn a little about the candidates! I'm all for exploring candidates in all the parties, and not necessarily voting down the party line, but a little thought, a little web searching wouldn't kill you!!

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