Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My (anticipated) Fall TV Lineup

*subject to change based on availability of new episodes, interesting plots, stamina of viewer, and acting that doesn't suck

As much as I've enjoyed my mini "Cash Cab" marathons, I'm desperate for some new TV!! There's nothing I enjoy more than settling into my couch after the kiddies are in bed, the dishes are washed, and the coffee maker's ready for the a.m., than turning my attention to someone else's life, fiction or "real" (or as real as edited for TV can be), so long as I can lose myself in it. I don't watch TV crime dramas anymore because they're too depressing, and I'm not into "Lost" or "24" or "Heroes." And even after saying goodbye to "The Sopranos," there's still plenty for me to laugh, cry, or just watch, while my brain and my body ooze out of high gear and into a more restful position.

Please note: none of these will be watched in real time, but in the beautiful land of DVR - where I can pause, fast forward, and delete to my heart's content!

Monday: I enjoy "How I Met Your Mother" for Neil Patrick Harris mostly, but the other characters are good, too, and the storylines have nice fresh twists. "Big Bang Theory" and "Aliens in America," I fear, will make me feel old. I'll give "Samantha Who" a try (merely out of desperation), but I'm dubious at best. So I'll probably have to make the rest of Monday a "Cash Cab" night. :::sigh:::

Tuesday: I'll give "Carpoolers" a shot, although I fear it may get a little too on the dumb side to hold my attention. "Reaper" sounds like it might have been interesting to me about 5 years ago...now I'm just too tired to get into something like this. I'll continue to enjoy "Boston Legal" to finish off the evening.

Wednesday: "Pushing Daisies" does sound original...the previews haven't sold me, but there's enough buzz to intrigue me (and to add it to my season recording list). While I'm not crazy about "Private Practice," I do love the idea of (a) looking at Taye Diggs for an hour and (b) seeing Audra MacDonald perform so that's made it to the list. But I'm most excited about "Dirty Sexy Money."

Thursday: Ahhh, "The Office." A guaranteed half-hour of funny. Also, must see if "Grey's Anatomy" gets any better this season, and hope that "Big Shots" isn't a big flop.

Friday: nothing. This is my night where I usually can't stay awake past ten anyway (unless I'm out and about).

Saturday: Netflix night.

Sunday: I might try "Viva Laughlin" - but it hasn't made my DVR list yet. Then it'll be "Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers & Sisters" which, somehow last season, became my highlight show of the week.


Anonymous said...

a) I love Cash Cab.
b) The cable stations often run off season shows - things like Monk and Psych are very enjoyable - I am also addicted to Eureka on SciFi, these are all crime dramas in the sense that they solve a crime within the hour show but are not depressing and in fact are often very funny and not in a morbid way.
c) come January (I think that is when it is on again) check out Jericho on CBS - it is a show that was cancelled but the fans put out such an uproar that they brought it back for half a season to see if they could get more viewers - Ed and I are both addicted to it and can't wait for the story to continue. They currently have all the episodes on the CBS website.

April said...

Update - "Back to You" is off my list now. The pilot was not impressive. A friend saw part of "Kid Nation" and was impressed so I think I may add that to my line-up.