Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Little Things

Truth be told, I can feel the first signs of depression coming on, so this is an attempt to keep it at bay. It's supposed to be the little things, right? So here's a list of the little things that make me smile:

My recycling bin. The City of Burbank supplies even apartments with recycling bins! At the condo, I would keep all my cans separate, but of course, they would totally pile up in my garage. And I can not only recycle the cans, but the plastic containers, the paper, cardboard boxes, etc. And it's not one of those pint-sized bins, either. This baby can pack 125 lbs!

Corp. credit card and Blackberry. Yep, I'm getting a crackberry. I'm sure I'll live to regret being happy about it, but right now, I'm loving the idea. And the bills will be charged directly to my corp. credit card so that I don't have to put out the money upfront.

My new printer. I haven't had a working printer since the move to the condo. It just died. I don't know why. My dad found an awesome HP printer/copier/scanner/fax for a great price at Costco. I can also put my camera's memory card directly into the printer! Very cool.

My daughters' willingness to help with chores. I don't know how long this will last, but so far this week, Sylvia's been helping with laundry, and Riley's vacuuming under the table after dinner every night. Works for me!

My iHome. Yeah, so most of the things I like cost me $$. Hey, I'm American. I'm supposed to be materialistic! Anyway, I'm loving listening to Sylvia's iPod on Shuffle at night while blogging, etc. And I just added a bunch of '80s nostalgia. OMG, I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I just had to have certain tracks from Paula Abdul's Forever Your Girl, and others that take me down that lane they call Memory.

My bling from Tara.

The pleasure is all mine, Tara!

My upcoming (2nd) Mommy break. Now you all know I love my girls. With all my heart. And I know I just got a Mommy break last week. But this week has been full of dentist appointments, school registration, and all that jazz. So yes, I'm looking forward to seeing Wicked (yet again), going out with the gals, not having to rush to the Boys & Girls Club after work, and being able to sleep until 7. (That "morning person" thing? Didn't last.)

School starting soon. I can't wait until the majority of our lives takes place in Burbank! This commuting to LA for the Boys & Girls Club thing is getting to be a real drag.

Not dealing with KIPP anymore. My friend called me today (her son is still going there), and from everything she told me about last night's meeting with the 6th grade parents, I don't think there's any way I would've lasted through it without some damage done to either myself or someone else in the room. My friend was incredibly frustrated, but we both agreed that I would've been in tears. (I still have to write that email.)

Dark chocolate. The stuff is grand.

Tim Gunn. I adore Project Runway, but I can't get through an episode without professing my undying love for this man.

My smart, funny, compassionate bloggy friends.


Shiona said...

That sounds like a great city. The traffic on that blasted 5 is a killer. The Blackberry is on my list for next year. I love those phones! My sister got me into Project Runway. Tim Gunn is so funny. Make it work. That should be like every single parents mantra because that's what they do.

Anonymous said...

Tim Gunn -- love him.

iHome -- can't live without it.

Dark Chocoalte -- need we go any further?!?

Mommy Break -- You NEVER have to apologize for wanting/needing one. We get it. Completely. And of course wanting one in no way diminishes your adoration for the girls.

Sorry to hear about the creeping depression. It's something else that so many of us understand...Hugs to you, April!

janey jay said...

Hang in there -- as someone who does her fair share of wrestling with depression, I know all too well of what you speak.

And I will totally throw down with you over Tim Gunn. Then we can all go to have a nice meal at Red Lobster ;-)

Anonymous said...

It seems you have a lot of good things going on right now -- and if you are lucky you can have some good things going on with Tim Gunn as well ;)

Good for you for taking charge of how you feel.

Kori said...

Who is Tim Gunn? What have I missed? And yeah, sure, it IS the little things, and too often that is all we get. I love you-that's all.

Mama Smurf said...

Ugh! totally green with envy that you're getting out to see Wicked!

Cheers! Here's to things that make us happy!

PS- I'm materialistic favorite quote comes from hollywood..."people who say money can't bring happiness don't know where to shop!"

Anonymous said...

Damn all you ladies are so good at keeping positive, I feel like today's blog entry is a little dark spot in our awesome single mom blog world. Thanks for keeping your chins up!

Julie@My5monkeys said...

its the little things that make us happy like breaks and tim gunn :)

Anonymous said...

If I wasn't thankful for the little things, I shudder to think where I might be at this point.

Probably curled up in the corner, crying, and pulling out chunks of my hair.

Loved reading about your "little things" and mang, I miss me some Tim Gunn.

Mozi Esme said...

Dark chocolate tops mine.

Tara R. said...

Awesome list... I too am looking forward to the start of school (Monday!) and think Tim Gunn is a genius. Milk choclate is my poison.

Jen said...

April, hope you can stave the blues off, but if they come:

1. Huge hugs from all of us
2. Pull out this list AND some dark chocolate and enjoy both.
3. Think of all the hugs you're receiving.