Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Stunted Growth

I can't remember (big surprise) where I said it, but on someone's post I commented that the human race would be so much more evolved if we could just learn from each others' mistakes. Since then, I've seen too many more instances where I've wanted to say it again. And again and again.

Now don't get me wrong. I get that we can't just act on someone else's experience, and that most of us have learned more from our mistakes than our successes. I also know that, as a mother, sometimes I will just have to step back and let them fall, and then be there to comfort them afterwards. But doesn't that really, really suck?

This isn't really about my kids, though. This is about friends and politicians and me and other supposed grown-ups.

Did you know that some animals are now learning to use tools in order to adapt to their new ecological surroundings? I don't remember the details (yep, that's me - the forgetting one), but I heard a very cool story on NPR about it.

So my question is, while we're innovating new products and technology all the time, are we really evolving? Or are we just adapting?

When I was in school, we would study philosophers and others as far back as we have written record. We could always find correlations to today's world. I used to think it was cool. Now I find it kind of sad. Hobbesian ways are still alive and well. The concept of the Other is still well too understood by way too many of us. We're still fighting the battles of the sexes. WTH?!? Why don't we progress further faster? Why does every generation basically start over from the very beginning? I don't mean human biological development - well, maybe, that too - but in matters of the heart. In matters of how we interact with each other.

More than once this week, I've heard adults use the term, "are we back in high school?!?" There are still cliques, and gossip, and backstabbing in the supposed real world. I'm horrified by what Kori has been through lately. I'm totally disgusted by the fact that our California legislature and Governator can't get it together to pass a friggin' budget already. I'm sickened by the amount of people that abuse their power. I don't see how "winning" the war in Iraq could be considered a win at all, considering all the loss it has cost...and, assuming, of course we "win." I can't believe that a smart, competent woman like Hilary can't seem to lead her supporters to support Obama without a stupid friggin' roll call! I can't even begin to try and understand the Russia/Georgia idiocy. (I know, I know, it's not idiotic to them - but I also believe they're not really seeing the big picture here. All of them.)

From the personal matters of the heart to the big matters of world domination, I'm not really seeing how the news of today is all that different from the news of a hundred years ago.

Yeah, this thought process will pick me right up!!

Actually, right now, I'm not depressed. I'm angry (good sign - still have enthusiasm at least). Because I really do think we're capable of so much more than this. I'm pissed that I can't figure out how to get there, though. I don't necessarily believe that we can all get along - but can we at least live and let live?!?


Kori said...

angry is good, as you often tell me. Better to be pissed-it gives your forward momentum.

Suzie said...

I wish we could just live and let live but in a nut shell people are pretty dumb

Natalie said...

I can't wait to talk to you in person!

I agree with everything you have said and I think in the sociological (is that the right word?) aspect of evolution, we are definitely regressing.


Natalie said...

Oh, and a martooni is how you pronounce martini after a few.

Anonymous said...

I figure as long as we keep holding ourselves to high standards, expecting ourselves to do the right thing, there will be hope for change. If we give up and say "Oh we're Americans, thats just how we are.." that's BS and we're doomed to fail.

Meg said...

You know what s*cks?

Having a blog and not being able to write about this stuff.

Somehow I ended up a humor blogger, although I've been a social activist and educator all my adult life.

I have no answers. But I feel your frustration. I suppose I keep my depression at bay by trying to blog funny. It's getting harder and harder to do.

I appreciate bloggers such as you, who are honest and thoughtful.

Shiona said...

You are so right April! You'd think we'd learn by now. I hope we can wake up and figur things ouut at some point.

Jen said...

I definitely feel that as "more" exists in our universe, our behavior becomes "less".

It's a real problem.

Me. Here. Right now. said...

I think it was on my blog you made that comment.

I think you're right.

And, sometimes, we have to put our outrage away. It's gonna kill us.