Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

It's Sunday morning, and the girls and I are relaxing for a while before they get ready for their vacation with my parents. They're spending the week at a resort where they'll get to swim, go on hikes, and generally enjoy the great outdoors. My parents, sadly, are way more active than I am. I consider a great day w/ the girls one that involves our couch, a DVD, and lots of snuggles. The girls are acutely aware that we won't be taking family camping trips so long as I'm in charge!

We had such an evening last night, watching our Lost DVD (Disc 1 of Season 2), and then The Miracle Worker. I spent half the movie trying to remember Anne Bancroft's name.

I'd like to give a shout-out to Netflix. We've all had bad customer service experiences. Jen of A2eatwrite just wrote about one that was truly horrific. Meanwhile, Netflix had a shipping problem this week, and they immediately, without any effort on my part, offered a discount for this month's service because of it. No one had to call and fight or complain. We were made aware, and we were compensated. Wow, what a concept! Thank you, Netflix!

So Sylvia had her orientation this weekend. Beyond the rite of passage, it went pretty well. She got her class schedule, her lock for her locker, we picked up the PE uniforms, the school books, and a bunch of other little things. I was disappointed that there wasn't a question and answer period, but considering the whole thing took 3 hours, I can see why that wasn't part of it. I was pleased to learn that they do use a site where we can check her grades and such, as well as a website for the school PTA. One of my favorite things about KIPP was that there was no PTA, but at least this one makes it easy to stay informed. (Of course, they have their meetings at 9:30 on weekdays. I haven't decided yet whether or not I'll attend.) On the upside, they have a real gym, a real auditorium, and a real sports field (all things KIPP lacked). Sylvia remains most excited about her locker. She was a little scared, but the fact that she's already been to a school where you change classes and the like helps her confidence level.

Sylvia had her first swim meet this week, and did an awesome, awesome job. She finished first in the Butterfly and Backstroke races! Her team didn't medal, and she was a little disappointed about that, but very proud of her individual wins. She also went to her first Dodgers game with the Boys and Girls Club, and nearly lost her voice screaming for Manny Ramirez.

Oh, and I finally found my camera - here's Sylvia's new haircut. She does look adorable, doesn't she:

Riley really really wanted to see her new elementary school. We tried to get a tour, but they were re-paving the blacktop, so we could only walk the perimeter. But that was enough for Riley. She said she thinks it'll be the best school she's ever attended. And when she saw the garden, she exclaimed, "isn't that the most beautiful garden you've ever seen?!?" Which is particularly funny, considering we could barely see it from half a block away! But I'm glad she's so excited. And here's her new 'do:

As for me, I'm hanging in there. Not too depressed, not overly excited. Just taking it all day by day.

This, however, is exciting. As I've said before, I find Tara of If Mom Says OK to be such an inspiring blogger that I'm incredibly honored that she has bestowed this award to me:

With it came these words from the award originator, RHD Mom:

‘It is lovingly called the “Share the Magic Award”. It is for sharing your magic in the world of blogging. I have met some incredible people since I have started blogging. I think of you as my friends and liken you a pen pal. I have met bloggers from all over the world, from as far away as Australia to as close as a nearby city (my own city). Although I have not met any of you IRL, I feel like I know you. We share our lives, our hopes, our dreams, and our most embarrassing moments. I don’t know how I stumbled upon my first blog, or why I got the notion to start one of my own. I have unleashed a passion for writing that I never knew I had. Because of the encouragement you give me with your comments, I am nurturing this passion, and loving every minute of it. That is the Magic of Blogging…..and for that reason I am bestowing this award to my wonderful friends in the blogging world.’

I really do want to give this one to everyone, but I'll go ahead and choose a few:

To Lunanik: I went to her in the beginning of my blogging days, and she wrote one of the longest emails on record with helpful tips and kind words. We met elsewhere, but developed our friendship through blogging, and I'm so grateful to her for cheering me on.

To Single Working Mommy: she actually took the time to go back to the beginning of my blog after we met to catch up! SWM, I'm pulling for you!

To Kori: At this point, there's nothing left to say except that I love you.

To pisceshanna: I love getting your take on things.

To Immoral Matriarch: Quite simply, the most kick-ass blogger. Ever. And she's giving away stuff! Go check it out.


Tara R. said...

I'm excited that your girls are excited about school... fingers crossed they both have stellar years! Fabulous picks for pass on the award. I'm off to check out the one's I've not met yet.

MarĂ­a said...

Awww! Thank you April! That's so sweet. I'd give it back if I could. :)

Jen said...

I'm going to have to do some blogroll reading on your blogroll when I have time. Congrats! You deserve every accolade you get.

Sylvia totally looks like a middle school student. And I know. I taught that age group for years!

They both look gorgeous and happy.

Complain about the PTA time - it's actually against most district policies to have a time that's inaccessible to working parents. It may be at that time simply because no one's brought it to their attention. If you're really willing to get involved (and I know you are) they might be willing to trade the timing for an eager, helping hand.

Mama Smurf said...

We're counting down the days till school starts here too.

Cute hair cuts! My daughter just got hers cut too. I should share pictures!

Congrats on the award!

Anonymous said...

They are adorable but I guess that Sylvia wouldn't like that about svelte!

Congrats on the award!

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures!!

Congrats to Sylvia on the swim meet. I swam in high school & college and LOVED it. Such a great sport to be involved in.

Glad the schools look good!

And thanks for everything!

LunaNik said...

Thanks babe!! Sorry I've been such a ghost reader lately. Once I'm settled back into my own place I will be commenting again.

Laski said...

Your idea and my idea of fun . . . same thing. A DVD and some snuggles on the couch.

Yay to Sylvia's swimming success. Has she watched the Olymipic swimmers. I know there is Phelps, but Torres is amazing!

And wow. School. A whole new world each new year . . . I'm gonna miss being there this year.

As for the award . . . truly deserving.

Shiona said...

Congrats on the award! I'm glad that your girls are so excited about their schools. My sister had that Netflix issue too. I was really surprised as well. I wish I could go to that resort!

Kori said...

Oh, thank you so much, I needed this today. Love the girls' haircuts, they are lovely, and am also glad they are both looking forward to school; an ending in some ways, a beginning as well. And hey, PTA? Meh.