Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Few Lessons Learned

So I may not have the numbers of a star blogger, but my readers rock! Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and advice on getting through this rough first week of school. The writing for the sake of writing is always cathartic, but it's the love I feel in the comments that truly make this endeavor worthwhile to me. Thank you.

I don't know why Jen of A2eatwrite's suggestion did not occur to me, but I abided by it and wrote a note to Riley's teacher about the lack of friends Riley's made. Riley's teacher called me last night and told me she's asked a few girls to look after Riley during recess and lunch, and said that Friday at lunch Riley was playing with a group of kids. She did seem happier yesterday when I picked her up. I'm so glad that we have a 3-day weekend to recoup, relax, and rejuvenate before a 4-day school week. (Happy Labor Day, everyone!)

Riley also seems to have a really stuffy nose, so her physical health may be part of the reason that she's had a more difficult time adjusting than her sister.

Sylvia, btw, has had a very smooth start. She's really happy, is excited that she's in Band and Acting, and already has a lot of friends. I think that year at KIPP gave her a great foundation. (And that first awful night was the last of her bad temperament.)

The main lesson I learned, though, is that part of it was me. Big surprise, right? I realized that the lack of commute wasn't giving me the decompression time I used to have between work life and home life. So, per Kori's suggestion, I'm going to take 15 minutes for myself before I go get the girls to give me the time I need to switch gears. It's not that I've done anything wrong, per se, it's just that I haven't been of the state of mind to do my best because I haven't quite adjusted.

I also realized last night that I have to get back to doing things I enjoy - like keeping up with my Reader, and blogging more regularly! The constant struggles between Riley and me kept me from doing that most of the week. I would fall into my sofa and watch the DNC and then drag myself to bed. (The DNC helped, BTW. Who knew I could find comfort in politics?) And, truthfully, I've been slacking on my housekeeping duties, too.

Now I can keep making excuses to myself that there just aren't enough hours in the day, but I know that's really not true. I just haven't been utilizing them in the best ways - for me, for Riley, for our family.

Riley (and most kids) can pick up on our moods and respond to them. Now, there's nothing really wrong, but when I'm not doing the things that make me feel my best, there's a difference. And even the slightest bit of negativity can build as quickly as a rolling tumbleweed. But it's not unstoppable. I just have to make the decision and take the action to stop it.

We'll be okay. We'll all be just fine.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are taking a turn for the better!

Kori's suggestion, of course, is perfect. Give yourself some time to switch gears before mommyhood takes over every evening.

Happy weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a whirlwind week. I also am surprised by how much I enjoyed listening to the speeches.

I like to cook when I get home (okay, occasionally) and that is a good time for me to make that transition. But you are so right in needing time to move from work mindset to home and mommy mindset. Now that my daughters are older, though, I find that there is less of a need to transition (or maybe it's the 40-minute drive), but I can be more me with them now then when they were younger.

Anonymous said...

So glad things seem to be on the upswing. The first week of school has been rough and I don't even have kids! I think that writing Riley's teacher was a wonderful idea and I'm glad it's working out so well.

Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm things are looking better.

And guess what? You taught this mom some new tricks to keep in her back pocket for the upcoming years!

Meg said...

I'm glad things are better.

Doing things you enjoy is imperative! And if you can't get away, invite some other moms and kids over for a Friday 'Happy Hour' play date.

Shiona said...

Glad to hear things are going better! All that advice would help even me! Have a great long weekend.

Florinda said...

You just identified one positive about commuting; it does provide some good transition time, and that's important mentally and emotionally. (Unless traffic sucks, of course, and then it just adds to any irritation and frustration you already had.)

It's good you're going to make that transition time for yourself, even without the commute (boy, am I envious!). Good luck this week!

Jen said...

I'm glad you'll be taking that time. I think decompression is so important and darn it, we deserve a few minutes to ourselves each day!

Anonymous said...

Great attitude! Our mood absolutely makes a difference in our kids.
I'm glad the girls are doing well!

Tara R. said...

New school, new kids, new home... that's a lot to adjust to... glad to hear things are settling out better. Enjoy the long weekend!

Kori said...

Well, you know. I do my best to help. HAHAHAHHA, teasing. Love you!