Saturday, August 2, 2008

At Last, My Internet is Up Again!!

Holy moly, peoples. After 6 phone calls in 3 days with AT&T, the last one taking over an hour, I finally, finally have internet access at home again. First, they hooked up the wrong place. I had to wait another 24 hours before my blessed Broadband light was green. Then, I couldn't register my account because their server was down. Then, the registration wouldn't take. I told Sabrina, the last person I spoke to, that she is my favorite person at AT&T.

My apologies to Kori - I really wanted to guest post while you were gone, but never had time at work to complete it. And I'm woefully behind, of course, on reading everyone's blogs.

Of course, without the distraction of the Internet, I got tons done at the new place. The living room is completely done, and there are just 2 stray boxes left in my room, and 2 more bags of clothes to go through.

I had my first bad experience doing laundry at our apt. community laundry room. Of course, I picked the dryer that doesn't work! By the time I discovered this, someone else was using the only other dryer. A load of towels took about 3 hours to complete.

But this a.m., I was up at 6:30 and got all my laundry done by 11. Somehow, over the course of the last few weeks, I've become a morning person. Even though I've been getting up by 6:30 every weekday morning for 5 years, I could still sleep as long as the girls would let me on the weekends. Now, I'm the first one out of bed! Is this a sign of aging? Whatever. It's more productive, I guess.

Riley is registered for school, I've figured out after-school care (though I still have to sign them up), and we'll be going for registration/orientation for Sylvia's new school in a couple of weeks.

So the other day, I realized I left my grocery list at home - I was going to stop at the grocery store before picking up the girls - and it took me nearly all day to figure out that, hey, I can just stop at home and pick it up on the way to the grocery store. "Home" is no longer 25 minutes away from work! That was pretty cool.

The girls will be going up to San Jose on Monday to visit with their aunts and uncles and cousins on their dad's side. Their dad lives there, too, but none of us are completely confident that he'll show up. They haven't seen him since July of last year - when he was 2 days late for their visit. The girls have not forgotten that. I don't think they ever will.

Riley lost 2 teeth in the past week; one of them being in the top front. So now she lisps along with not saying her "r"s correctly. I didn't think it was possible for her to get any cuter, but this time, she's outdone herself.

Sylvia's kicking butt on her Swim Team. She's exceeding everyone's expectations. She's also been extremely emotional. I think the combination of the move, plus the trip to San Jose being on, then off and now back on again has been a lot for her to handle. At the same time, I can't allow her to get away with everything. As usual, it's about balancing - in this case, her emotional needs versus the needs of the entire family. And, okay, my need for a little sanity myself!

I look forward to trying to catch up with everyone, a little at a time. And hey, the next one really and truly is my 200th post :) I'll be answering readers' questions. If you have any, ask them in the comments.


Anonymous said...

April -- Great to have you back! So glad the move went so well and things seem to really be working out for you and the girls.

How long will the girls be gone to San Jose? Remember to take some time for YOU during their absence, too!

Welcome back!

Shiona said...

When you don't have Internet it feels like you're disconnected from the world doesn't it? Welcome back April. Glad to see everyone's getting settled in. That's great that the trip to San Jose was able to be on again. Enjoy your weekend. Glad you could get pretty much everything done.

Anonymous said...


I missed you!

Florinda said...

Sounds like you're all settling in well to the new place, but we've missed you - hope you'll have some time for US now :-)!

María said...

Glad you're back woman!

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back on!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everything has finally fallen into place and all is right with the world...thank goodness!!! Welcome back online!!!

FreedomFirst said...

Congrats! Yes, it is amazing what we can accomplish in the real world without cyberspace, isn't it?

Andy is very emotional these days while he's on the atropine drops. It's really tough. They told me that several parents complain of mood changes with their kids under atropine therapy. Lovely.

Good luck with Sylvia. And I hope, for the girls' sake, their dad shows up this time.

Kori said...

I hope the girls have fun in San Jose, and that you get to enjoy some alone time. It's ok about the guest posting thing, the other one didn't do it either. Gald to have you back!

Florinda said...

Couldn't tell you this in my earlier comment because the post wasn't up yet, but I have a little blog award for you. Happy Monday ;-)!

Anonymous said...

Yay glad to see you blogging again Valley Girl!

Have you always been a Californian? If not where else have you lived in the world? I was born in Cali myself.

Karen MEG said...

Congrats on getting it all done... I can't believe you're doing all that AND catching up on the blogs?!!

I wish you well in your new place... I didn't use to be such a morning person either, but something about those darn kids getting up so early that has me up earlier than they are ... sheesh!

I think it's lovely how you post updates on your beautiful girls too. You must be so proud of them :).

Anonymous said...

Yay! Welcome back!

I'm a morning person myself, and I love it. I can get so much done during those early morning hours. I don't think I've slept past eight since high school. Unless I was really hungover.

janey jay said...

Welcome home -- both physical and virtual! You've been missed.

PS: You've also been tagged for a meme by me! Check it out...