Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

I would love to post pics, particularly of the girls' new haircuts, but I can't find my camera. I know I put it somewhere "safe." I just can't remember where I considered "safe" at the time. I've slept many times since that day.

The week started with the girls going to San Jose. This trip had been semi-on, then off, and then back on again, thanks to the family of my ex. My ex couldn't get it together to make the travel arrangements in a way that I would agree, but his sisters figured it out. Proof that girls are just smarter? I'd love to say that, but in this case, just proof of my ex's inability to follow simple directions.

Anyway...the girls were really excited to go, not just to see their dad, but to see their cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents. Most of the family lives in Northern California now. So I'm glad it worked out for them. They haven't seen them since last summer.

One of the best things about Sylvia having a cell phone? There was one day where I particularly needed to hear her voice. Just hearing it on her voice mail made me smile. She was good about calling me every day. Once, she called me twice in the span of 20 minutes. She really missed me. That felt good, too.

Talking to Sylvia on the phone, I'm always struck by how grown-up she sounds. She seems older to me on the phone.

Riley had clung to me for a good 24 hours before she left, so I know she missed me, but also had a great time. They both did.

I enjoyed my nights to myself. Although, I was sort of stupid at first and turned on Jon & Kate plus 8. And then went, why am I watching a show with a bunch of children when I should be enjoying life without children?!?

Which is what I did. I got caught up on my Reader, and enjoyed finding out what I've been missing with all of you. Then, a dear friend came over and upgraded my computer's memory and cleaned up some stuff so that I could enjoy my BlogHopping without waiting 10 minutes for a blog to load! Yay!!

It was quiet, but that was what I enjoyed about it. And, can I tell you what a treat it was to get up at 7, and have plenty of time (and quiet) before getting to work at 8?

Getting the girls home was a bit of a nightmare, though. I was flying up, and then we were turning around and flying back. We've done this before. A 45-minute flight from Burbank to San Jose. No biggie.

And weather really shouldn't be a problem for us, right? Well, the whipsmart schedulers at Southwest decided it made much more sense to go from Vegas to Burbank to San Jose. And Vegas had weather issues. So my flight was delayed to a point where I wouldn't be in San Jose in time to get on the flight back with the girls.

I had to go to the worst line in the airport. Not security, the one where people check baggage and change flights and all that. The one that I usually manage to avoid at all costs.

Of course, it was long. I decided to pass the time playing Sudoku on my cell. The woman in front of me in line was a woman I wouldn't want to know in my life for any reason. She had a flat-bed cart of luggage. To go to San Jose. And her husband had yet another wheelie bag for her. Her husband decided to wait in the chairs behind the line. She yells out at him to call Jessica (not really the name; not because I'm trying to protect the innocent, but because, really, wasn't important enough to try and remember). He proceeds to call Jessica. And she proceeds to insult him and make big sighs and rail into him when he got off the phone - from across the entire line of people - because, apparently, he didn't say anything "right." He didn't make a big enough deal about Uncle Joe being sick. He didn't stress the importance of his wife's trip enough.

She was the epitome of everything that men complain about women. She was nagging, bitchy, belittling, and rude. Part of me wanted to scream at her for not appreciating what a clearly devoted husband she has (who I later saw buying her a drink), and part of me wanted to tell the husband, I'm sorry.

It kills me when people in good marriages don't appreciate what they have.

After about 4 hours, I was finally in a plane to go to San Jose. I got the girls, but because of the changes we had to make to our ticketing, we were in the "B" check-in section. By the time we got on the plane, there was no aisle with 3 seats available. I tried to get a flight attendant to help me persuade one of the gentleman sitting by themselves to switch, but no, she said we had to get seated so we could leave. Yeah, it's okay to make us wait for FOUR HOURS, but then, you can't even take FIVE MINUTES to get settled! So, we didn't get to sit together, but across from each other on the flight.

But there was one nice moment that I got to witness between the sisters. Sylvia was exploring the Sky catalog, and showed her sister something. Riley had her head on Sylvia's shoulder as they discussed the merits of the item in question. It was SO cute and sweet.

When the seatbelt sign went off, Riley joined me and we hugged the whole rest of the flight. That was nice, too.

In the end, we made it home at nearly midnight. I now understand why people complain about flying. The delays and such can really make it a trying experience. On Friday, we were all exhausted! The girls spent the day with my parents, and my mom took them to a salon where they got their new 'dos.

Saturday, we went to a pool party at a friend's house and had a marvelous time. I laughed at our "white trash" moment. I was getting myself situated in my floating lounge chair, and Riley handed me my beer :)

This week, we're back to normal. The girls will have their last week at the Boys & Girls Club, and I'll also complete Sylvia's registration for school. They'll have one more vacation with my parents before school starts on Aug. 25. And I get one more parenting break. Although, this time, I'm making plans. I'm having a girls' night out with some friends, and also going to see Wicked yet again. It is my mission to have as many people I know see Wicked, and preferably with me, before it closes on Jan. 11.

Here's my last piece of bling to pass on. I think there are rules with this one, but Kori gave it to me so long ago, I can't remember what they are (that seems to be a running theme of this post. I should rename it "I can't remember").

I pass this on to a few dear bloggy friends:

Jen of A2eatwrite. From her first comment on my blog, she has been there for me. Thanks, Jen.

Tara at If Mom Says OK. She's funny, thoughtful, and an inspiration.

OHMommy at Classy Chaos. Really, what's left to say about OHMommy? I know you all love her as much as I do!

Lori at Hahn at Home. We've been virtual moving buddies. Welcome home, Lori!! Here's some art to add to your walls :)

And I think I've rambled long enough.


Anonymous said...

So glad the girls had a nice time, but what a fiasco getting them home.

The hassle of flying is one of the main reasons we decided to drive to Kansas and back. I think my kids, particularly Bridget and Jacob, would NOT have handled delays and late flights well. Flying from Ithaca to Wichita requires switching flights like three times - NO THANK YOU.

OHmommy said...

I love hearing my kids voices while I am away. They sound so sweet.

My kids LOVE the sky catalog. There are some awesome things in there.

LOVE your ramblings. Congrats on the award and many thanks. You sure know how to make me blush out loud. ;)

Anonymous said...

My goodness! Reading of your delays made me tired. I hate to fly. I try to drive whenever time allows.

You definitely deserve the award. Go, you@

Mama Smurf said...

You've been busy!

I'll go see Wicked with you!

Anonymous said...

Oh em gee. I encountered the SAME exact woman at the zoo today. You sure she wasn't flying to the midwest? Was her husband named George? The couple inbetween the horrible lady and Son and I were also amazed at her--even commenting to one another. Mang, that lady. She was insane! I mean, who acts like that anyway--let alone in public?

But I'm glad the girls had a good time, and you had a good time. I hear more and more people complaining about travel these days. I haven't flown in about a year.

Find that camera quick! I want to see the girls's haircuts!

Me. Here. Right now. said...

April, You were just what the doctor ordered. I took a day of "rest" yesterday and today - back at it. Things are going up on the wall and my desk actually has some surface at last. Goal for the day: Be ready for work tomorrow.

Thanks a bunch for the art - it means a lot. Glad your move was smoother.

Natalie said...

I hate flying. We never get the prime boarding seats on Southwest because my son is on the Do Not Fly list and you can't check in online. But that's a rant for another day.

I know what you mean about hearing their voices. My heart just about jumps out of my chest when my son actually calls ME. I miss him so much while he's at his Dad's and it's nice to know he's thinking of me. Even if it is just to tell me he got a new TOY! hehe.

Kori said...

I would rather fling myself out the car window going 90 than try to deal with all of my kids on a flight-not because of the kids, but because of the 100 idiots and assholes per square foot in the airport.

Anonymous said...

LOL I love your white trash moment. I have them all the time. And yeah, ditto on married couple thing. I see examples of that all over, and it infuriates me, especially when the crimes are against FRIENDS of mine...grr. I mean, come on people, just look around and see what you GOT!

Tara R. said...

I am such a bum... I thought I had already thanked you and here it is Monday already... I love this award. It is absolutely beautiful and I am stunned you thought to give it to me. Thank you, thank you!

Jen said...

Oh, April, what a nightmare in terms of the flying, but I'm glad you had some nice snuggle time with Riley! I'm also glad the girls had a good time and that you had some time to get some things together that were just for you.

Thanks so much for the Arte and Pico award! I'm really flattered! And what kind words, too - it's all greatly appreciated.

Meg said...

I'm glad your kids had a great time.

I also love hearing my kids' voices, but they text so much that their battery wears down and dies, and I can never reach them when I want to.

Congrats on those awards!