Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

First some housekeeping. I've updated my page so that every blog in my Reader is on my blog roll. If you're on there, you can be sure that I'm a regular reader of yours, even if I don't always comment. If I don't comment, there are a few possible reasons why:
1) You left me speechless (yes, believe it or not, that does happen).
2) I was in the middle of writing a fabulous comment, and my browser shut down. That kind of prose can't be recreated.
3) I was in the middle of a so-so comment, and my browser shut down. That kind of comment doesn't deserve to be recreated.
4) I was at work and had to WORK. (HATE when that happens :)
5) I was at home and those darn kids needed me.

There's also a possibility that you'll check your stats and see that someone in Los Angeles sat on your page for hours. Um, yeah, that's me. I was in the middle of reading your great post, and my bosses needed me (which includes the kids as well), but I didn't want to lose your post so I kept it open to come back to later. Did I succeed? Not always...but I tried. (Either that or something shiny distracted me.)

There could also be times when your reader stats may have more than the average visitors from L.A. Don't get too excited - it may not be Steven Spielberg after all. It may be that I emailed the link to some friends because I thought they'd enjoy that particular post. And they won't comment. They're not into the blog-o-sphere. (Now, if I send it to Kori, you can be sure she'll comment!)

If you're not a regular reader, and you comment, but then don't see any comments from me in return for a few days, life interfered. But when I have a second, I'll go over and check it out. I promise!

Okay, enough with the excuses already! And now, back to my regular posting:

First, you guys rock! Reading your comments of encouragement, support, and empathy have meant the world to me, and is giving me much strength to get through this. And alcohol. The alcohol's helping, too (in responsible doses - for the most part). Thank you all.

I do have the seeds of Plans C & D in my head right now, but I've also decided (with permission from my regular validators) to just take a break from the whole home-hunting search right now. There may be more condos in my complex that become available after Cal State L.A.'s Spring quarter is complete and that would be my first choice (well, third, but who's counting). I don't want to start looking outside of the complex until we're closer to summertime anyway because I don't want to move during the school year. So for now, my denial is scheduled to last through the end of April - and maybe even longer.

My cat attacked me! Stupid brat! Yes, I totally love her, but the obnoxious puss scratched my nose the other morning (in her attempts to rouse me out of bed to feed her), and it looks so dreadful right now. I took a pic, but I'm not brave enough to post it.

Tomorrow, Riley will be singing "Do Re Mi" at her school assembly! Times like these, I wish I had a camcorder, but such is life (money? - whatever). She's been working really really hard. I'm surprised she's not more nervous, but she never ceases to impress me; this is just another example.

Sylvia got her 3rd quarter grades; she maintained her 4.0 GPA!! Someone asked me if I was this good a student; I wasn't. A's and B's, but I didn't get a 4.0 until college. She's doing exactly what I want for her; better than her predecessor.

Lis Garrett is starting a new website called Root and Sprout, a parenting resource site (live on June 1). She is accepting submissions for articles now. Also, if you're an entrepreneur, you can advertise on the site.

I watched Saving Grace this weekend. Eh. There are some parts where I laughed out loud, but the parts weren't equal to the whole.

I'm loving iTunes! I know, I'm the last person on Earth to discover this, but I just didn't get it. Now, Sylvia's starting to get a little impatient with me because I spend more time on there burning cds for myself than I allow her...and she's the one with the iPod. Any suggestions on rationalizing this are greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

So uh, did you take me out of your reader? *sniff*

I totally get it on the comments thing because it was YOU that left me speechless on a few of your recent posts. I'd start with this long, fabulous comment and get distracted and have to close it and just couldn't get back what I was trying to say in the first place.

I am really keeping my fingers crossed for you on finding a home. I am such a freak when I have to move that I stress out MONTHS and MONTHS before. My lease isn't up until the end of November and I'm already eyeballing the other complexes around here.

And good luck to Riley tomorrow!

Florinda said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll - you're on mine as well! But I have to agree that the whole "having to work while at work" thing does get in the way of the bloggy goodness. :-)

It makes sense to me that you wouldn't want to move during the school year; moving is disruptive enough anyway. Hopefully all of the timing will work out right.

MarĂ­a said...

Don't these people: these kids, these bosses - don't they know we have blogging to do??

KG said...

Yay! I made the cut!

Heh - and I love iTunes. I watch "The Daily Show" on my iphone while I"m pumping in the parking garage!

Meg said...

Blogging at work is another way to 'stick it to the man' which we all need to do once in a while (I just have to periodically check that the 'man' isn't watching something on cabel which is inappropriate for a ten-year old).

I love iTunes, as well. And have you checked out Pandora where you can make your own radio station?

Jen said...

I completely have to update my blogroll... sheesh.

And no, there's no legitimizing i-tunes - it's just completely addictive on every level. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! And I thought I had a lot of blogs in my reader. lol

Anonymous said...

Go Sylvia! And good luck to Riley!

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, and giving me such support as I start my blog. You rock April!

How sad is it that I don't even know what movie Saving Grace is? I didn't click on your link yet. I keep trying to wrack my brain in hopes I'll remember. Sigh. I think Juno, which I saw last week, might've been the first "new" movie I've seen since Son was born. Two years!!

April said...

natalie - I'm SO sorry! I think I figured it out. I knew the address I'd had on there was the longer one so I fully intended to put in the shorter one...and then promptly forgot. You're on there now :)

florinda - you know, I guess we have to have some time away from the computer; otherwise, what would we blog about?

maria - not only are they keeping us from blogging, but then we have to do what they want us to do? Totally unforgivable!

lshm - I'm almost afraid to ask just what it is you're pumping ;)

meg - lmao at sticking it to the man! I can't help now but think of School of Rock; only quasi-appropriate for a 10-yr-old, but Sylvia's seen it.

jen - I've been meaning to do this for at least a month now. I can't believe I actually did it when I scheduled to do it in my head!

cablegirl - I know, I'm much too generous. at least a quarter of these people have commented a total of one or never times on mine, but I still like 'em

swm - don't worry about not knowing Saving Grace. It was a small movie that didn't do very well. Now I know why! (I loved Juno, though!)

Anonymous said...

Just thinking about moving gives me a hot flash. We've moved twice in the last year and we're probably not done yet.

Enjoy your break from home-hunting while you have it!

Anonymous said...

I love your disclaimer (it reminds me that I need to update my own blogroll as it's been too long since I've cleaned house).

Congrats to your girls and their awesome achievements!

Thank you for the mention (and for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help me out with the website!).

GoMommy said...

Wow, thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I always get a little tingle up my spine when I see someone has added me- it makes me ridiculously happy! I'm returning the favor! Thanks!

LunaNik said...

I see some blogs over there on your blog roll that I haven't read yet...someday...when I have a moment to spare, I'll have to get on that, eh?

Kori said...

Where the hell was I that I missed this whole post?

Kori said...

Where the hell was I that I missed this whole post?

Kori said...

Where the hell was I that I missed this whole post?