Tuesday, April 8, 2008

McFlicted - Are There Happy Meals in our Future?

I've been boycotting McDonalds for a few years now. First, there was McLibel, a documentary that follows the story of two ordinary people having been sued by one of the world's largest companies. Then, there was Fast Food Nation, a horribly disgusting look at what these fast food restaurants do. Now, I know McDonalds isn't the only guilty restaurant, but most likely, the worst offender. Interestingly enough, Super Size Me, while also informative, wasn't a factor in my boycotting decision.
Being completely over their food, like 'if I never eat this again for the rest of my life, I will never miss it' sick of their food, was a factor.

This is not to say that I don't enjoy fast food. I love fast food! I know it's totally bad for me, but I still enjoy it, and we now have a scheduled, weekly Fast Food Night. I'm sure the other conglomerates that we visit are just as bad, and of course their operating procedures aren't any better than McDonalds, but at least I wasn't supporting a company that went and sued 2 ordinary people.

While unofficially blog-hopping today, through Hahn at Home, I was referred to Red Hog Diary's post about how McDonalds is now actively and openly pursuing business with the gay and lesbian community.

Equality for homosexuals is one of the subjects about which I am most passionate. It makes no sense to me that some Americans should not be able to enjoy all of the same rights and/or privileges that most of us take for granted. It is today's Civil Rights struggle, IMHO.

Therefore, I'm absolutely thrilled that McDonalds is willing to publicly state this. Of course, Red Hog points out that there are others that have a problem with it, and I want to support the decision that McDonalds has made. However, it doesn't take away the fact that they've done what they've done, and will continue to do what they do when it comes to the manufacturing and operating of their factories.

I'm McFlicted.

If you are not, and happily support this, please follow the links from above to write a letter of support to McDonalds. (I highly recommend NOT using the American Family Association link, as you will then be put on their email blast list.)


MarĂ­a said...

What email blast list?

I commend McDonald's. I still think they are completely devoid of values, but this is a very good thing.


Me. Here. Right now. said...

Hi - Thanks for stopping by. I'm not a big fan of McDonalds either, but I like any company who has the balls to bump up against these boycotting bigots. I think your opinion is very reasonable - and it doesn't keep me from enjoying equal rights with you, which the AFA has made its mission.

KG said...

Heh - McFlicted. I used to work at a law firm that represented another large international fast food company. I can't go into details, but suffice it to say that many of their litigation decisions would make the average consumer's skin crawl. Some of the people they sue . . . well . . . it was pretty bad.

Anyway, these companies always make decisions to try to help themselves in a PR way . . . just like they now have commercials with "healthy" choices of a kid sitting there eating a Happy meal with apple slices. Yeah, whatever. If you order that for your kid your kid will probably kick your ass. And really, when you walk in there and smell fries, are you SERIOUSLY going to order apple slices?

Anyway, I'm all for gay/lesbian rights . . . I'm just pointing out that they probably have other motivation than altruism!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! I learned the hard way about ending up on their email list...sigh. There is a link to McDonalds corporate on the site as well if you are inclined to send a note of appreciation for their stand. If you get on their email list at least you may get a coupon for discounted McBlizzards or McChickenparts or something.

Tara R. said...

I worked at McD's for a short time in HS... and haven't been able to eat there since. I think it's a good thing what the corporation is doing, but i still can't bring myself to consume a Big Mac. I guess I'm Mcflicted too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for letting me know about this issue!

I am a HUGE supporter of gay rights -- My brother is gay and I think he and his partner should enjoy the same benefits and rights as others do.

I agree that McDonalds is an evil, nasty corporation, but I applaud them for this campaign.

Kori said...

I might not support McDonald's business practices, per se. but I love their food; if we want junk food, that is where we go. Though, my kid is the one eating the apples and drinking the milk, so....not me; no freaking salads, I can eat one from home. Iwant the damn fires. But hey, I totally support the equal rights things, I just wish it wasn't solely for PR purposes....

FreedomFirst said...

Not McFlicted - and not for moral reasons either. Only because I see no reason to clap for a company drumming up more business for itself. That's not helping someone else's struggle, that's just using it to their own advantage. So, bully for them. I will keep right on hating them and their disgusting food. All I see in this campaign is corporate greed and hypocrisy.