Friday, April 11, 2008

Flashback Friday - Strange Encounters

Here are two random weird encounters I had that will have to suffice for today's Flashback post as I have no brain power today.

I was living in Denver, just doing laundry in the apartment-building facilities, which were housed in the basement. As I'm putting a load in, some guy comes out from behind the water heater, wearing just a white undershirt and some boxers. Weird, but whatever. He nodded a greeting, and then left.

About a half hour later, the apt. manager knocks on my door and tells me that a rapist has escaped jail and was seen in the area. As he's describing him, I realize that it is indeed the guy I saw in the laundry room. The apartment manager passed that news on to the police, and about an hour or so later, he was found.

A few years later, I was living in Pittsburgh. I was doing one of my 'trying to get my degree' stints that didn't happen until a couple of years ago. Anyway, I was coming home from class one night - I took night classes while my now-ex stayed home with the kids. I was walking from the bus stop to our place and I could hear some guy walking behind me. I got that icky feeling, but then he started talking to me and even joked about how he was "stalking" me so I relaxed a little. We made small talk until I reached my door. I knew my husband was inside so I didn't really worry about it.

Around midnight that night, someone was knocking at the door. I was just closing up the house for the night. I opened the door, and there he was...with his pants open and his "little friend" sticking out and reeking of whiskey! I slammed the door, but he remained standing there. I called out for my husband who yelled at him a bit and the guy wandered off. I was scared for a few days after that, particularly as I was coming home at night, but he never came by again.


Karen MEG said...

Ewwww, April, just a bit too close for comfort! Glad that they were just 'weird' encounters and nothing further.

You are a very brave lady!

Kori said...

And this is why when I hear people complain about small towns, I count myself glad to live in one! :)

Single Working Mommy said...


Stories like those make me glad I'm a single mom living a long with at BIG DOG.

KG said...

Eww! That's so gross I'm almost thankful for Mrs. Kravitz, my nosy-cat-lady-neighbor-crone . . almost. But not quite.

I had a guy masturbate in my general direction one time! Also, I had some weirdo try to convince me to take a duffel bag of his back to my dorm room and keep it overnight . . . I was like "HELL to the no." There was probably somebody's head in the bag.

One time, I even remember my husband and I saw somebody breaking into a car. I totally knew the guy was a criminal but my husband was oblivious and actually said "hi" to the guy who awkwardly smiled and waved at us! Um . . I called the cops.

Man, I've had a lot of brushes with shadiness . . . that's just a tip of the iceburg!

OHmommy said...

Ewwwww..... seriously, I would have been scared for days!

FreedomFirst said...

Oh, Gross!!! Yeah, you never want to ignore that icky feeling. Sometimes instinct is better than logic. Creepy!
I remember when I was a child, our house had a stockade fence around the back yard. There was a bar around the corner, and not infrequently some drunken monkey would stumble through the front yard or puke on our steps. One night my parents woke up to the sounds of sirens and police radios; evidently they were searching for someone. My dad looks out the bedroom window to see what was going on, and what does he spy but a man crouched behind the fence in our yard, hiding from the cops. He went out with a flashlight (and probably his gun too, since he is ex-military), and asked the guy what was going on. The goofball tried to feed him some story about getting lost and not knowing how he came to be in our backyard. LMAO! My dad invited him to leave, and watched him run down the patio, leap the back fence into the alley, then jump into the neighbor's backyard. He went in and called the neighbor, who turned on their backyard floodlights. They guy fled down the street.
If you're gonna lie, at least try to make it a good one!!!

Don Mills Diva said...

OMG the hair on my arms just prickled - very scary stories!

Tara R. said...

That's just plain creepy... glad you came out okay in both of those incidents.

LunaNik said...

Wow. And I thought that I attracted creepy guys, but you definately win the prize on this one.

Anonymous said...

strange encounters, indeed! Man, you really can attract the perverts, eh? ;)

Sorry it took me so long to get to you this weekend, but I was out of town.