Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Asked, I Received, and I'm Okay with It

After a few bloggy friends got reviewed on Ask And Ye Shall Receive, I went for it and submitted my blog. Of course, the moment after I did so, I started freaking out. A few months later, my 1-star review is posted. I'm actually thrilled I got a star!

No, this blog is not for everyone. It's not even for all mommy bloggers, or single moms, working moms or liberal atheist moms (could there be such a thing as a conservative atheist? I'm thinking no.), or whatever other labels I wear. I know I'm not the best writer, and I appreciate that Shinerpunch made a point of saying I'm not a bad writer.

And I have worried that I might be coming across as sanctimonious, but then someone comments or emails  "thanks, that helped." That's all I need to hear to keep doing this.

I've been writing less and less because I do have less to say lately. The girls are getting older, and I can only tread on their stories as much as they'll allow me. As was pointed out in the review, I still write about the hard days when I have them, because that's when I most need to blog, to process. This blog is still for me and for the readers who care.

And a special shout-out to Nilu, who has been so supportive. Thank you.

If you're here because of the review and you think I might be for you, welcome, take a look around, comment or don't. Totally up to you.

Oh, and I do want to utilize their suggestion to make a "best of" page, but really, I think that's up to the readers. So comment or email me what post(s) you like. There is a search bar here, or you can just say "the one that was about..." and I'll find it.

Thank you, Shinerpunch, for the review! I think I'd hate anyone after reading 500+ posts in a short amount of time, so my hat's off to you for what you do.


Natalie said...

You are awesome, and yes, a one star review is a great score on that site :-)

Pippi said...

You can always count on me to read it. :) Even if it takes me a few weeks to actually comment lol.

Shinerpunch said...

Thanks, April, for being an awesome reviewee.

Anonymous said...

1-star rating or not, I'll always be here! :)

Danielle said...

Congrats. One star is actually huge for them to give! I did this too and wasn't too disapointed about the review. Some ouches, but I already knew the bad!

jenn said...

I think I would be scared to ask them to review my blog. I'm kind of scattered in what I blog about. Plus blogging once a month for the last couple months probably wouldn't help my score. :)