Sunday, January 2, 2011

Accepting My Weaknesses

We read this book in our leadership class about finding our strengths. A friend (and fellow classmate) and I are always making jokes about "that's not one of my strengths!"

I do think it's important to acknowledge that we will always have weaknesses. While some can be improved upon, just as with parenting my children, I have to pick my battles. There's only so much I can work on about myself!

One of the things I've learned to accept about myself is I'm not real good at talking. Particularly when I'm emotional or trying to make a point. I trip over my words, can't keep my pronouns straight, and I definitely put my foot in my mouth a lot!

Writing comes easier to me. Even if it's all jumbled in my head, I can edit/backspace/delete my way through it. (I don't go back and edit much here because I find if I take away every word I might find unnecessary, it's not a very far jump for me to decide that all the words are unnecessary!)

At work, I definitely do better in written communication than on calls. I still tend to get flustered, look at the wrong draft, call people the wrong names...I can sound like an idiot! In personal situations, I tend to cry a lot. (I sound like a lot of fun, don't I?)

Parentella recently did a chat on teens texting, and I wish I'd had that available to me at that age! A way to express myself that didn't leave me a crumpled, emotional mess.

I used to be much better at public speaking...or at least, I had more confidence about it. The older I get, the less comfortable I feel on display.

I could attempt to get better at it, but this writing stuff down thing has been working for me! I'm just going to accept this as one of my weaknesses.


Florinda said...

I have the same weakness, but most of the time I really don't mind it.

(Word verification for this comment: "expeon". Someone who's moved up the ladder? :-))

Cat said...

I'm terrible on the phone when I'm caught off guard.