Friday, January 7, 2011

Enjoying my Blissful Ignorance

Especially when it came to political news, I was the "go-to" girl and I relished in that. I got a perverse pride in these lawyers asking me my opinion on the propositions or the latest political scandal! I might bury my head in the sand from time to time, but then someone would ask me about something, and I'd rush to find the answers and get myself right in the thick of it again.

I haven't watched the news or even the Daily Show in a month. I've ignored links recommended by friends. I've kept myself firmly planted in my reality today, and when asked about this or that current event, I have simply stated that I know nothing about it, and I'm not going to take it on.

I still have my firmly held opinions and beliefs. No one will ever convince me that gay marriage is wrong. I am proudly liberal and atheist, and will continue to talk openly and honestly to my daughters about why I believe what I believe (or why I don't). I will raise my head up every now and then to get informed, and to be counted as a voter.

However, I will not let myself get riled up by the fact that Boehner is the new Speaker of the House. I will not get myself caught in the weeds of trying to understand every little nuance of the health care bill. I will not get in heated discussions with fellow liberals on whether or not President Obama is doing enough.

I have learned that the only way I can effect change is to be a change agent. It's true that all politics is local, but that doesn't mean fighting with your neighbors! It means showing up at the PTA meetings, volunteering at your local Boys and Girls Club, raising compassionate children, supporting the arts by buying tickets, making a financial difference by paying down the credit card debt. I share my thoughts and experiences on education at Parentella and, most importantly, never lose sight of my mission to educate my girls as whole persons.

I have realized that I don't miss the talking heads on the Sunday morning shows; that I know where to get information if I need it; that changing other people's minds isn't nearly as important as living my life according to my beliefs and opinions, and that, single parenting my two daughters and balancing my needs with theirs is the most effective political statement I can make.


Kori said...

I highly dount I am making any effective political statement, and I know I am not an agent for change because I am not involved in anything, but at least this post made me feel less guilty for tuning out of anything political lately, too! So, you know, thanks for that! :)

Cat said...

I used to love political stuff, these days I mostly skim the headlines and read insurance news.

BigLittleWolf said...

What we see in the media is often so horrible, it's hard not to be affected, which, I suppose, reminds us we can still be affected by what is horrific.

And then there is the reality that parenting is hugely time consuming and resource draining. Parenting solo, even more so. Best (IMO) to pour as much of ourselves as we have into making thoughtful, caring individuals of our children, and in so doing, hopefully improving the planet one person at a time.

Danielle said...

Good for you!