Thursday, January 6, 2011

Letter to My Daughter

My dearest Sylvia,

You are so much like me. You are the reflection I want to see in the mirror. Because already, you're light years ahead of me.

You have passion, you have drive, you have a fire in your eyes when you want something. You are so very talented, you are so very smart, you yearn to experience all that life has to offer.

And sometimes that scared me. Because I know that you will do anything for love, and it's not always enough. I have already seen your heart broken more times in your 13 years than I experienced my entire childhood. And my biggest fear for you was the heartbreaks to come.

Your biggest fault is wanting something so badly, and sometimes, it just doesn't happen. You will want to believe in what is not there. And I fear how that might shake you to your core, the way it did me.

But it won't. Because you're already stronger and wiser than me.

I don't know, maybe it's because you've already been through so much and gotten through it always a better, stronger, and even more compassionate person. You know that loving itself isn't a fault. You know that unconditional love is the most beautiful thing, and worth the fight, even if you lose.

It broke my heart to watch you learn that. You have had to struggle with extremely complex problems, and I didn't have the answers.

In the end, you taught me what unconditional love is. Your resilience, your embrace, your thoughtfulness, even when you were hurt, even when you had every reason to hate, you held onto that love. You still followed your heart, and accepted the consequences.

I can't stop the pain, and as someone who loves you so fiercely, so completely, it will continue to burden me. But I no longer fear your ability to get through it. The burden is on me to try and accept it as gracefully as you.

I know that throughout your life, you will continue to offer your love to the world. And I, for one, cherish that most precious gift.

I love you with all my heart,

This post is inspired by Yahoo! Mother Board's topic of our children following in our footsteps. Sylvia has already surpassed mine.


Nicki said...

I love this. I am notorious for writing letters to my kids that I squirrel away for that special moment. I'm sure your daughter will treasure this.

Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

Simply Beautiful......

MindyMom said...

I hope you show this to her some day. You're an amazing mom.

Danielle said...

Not to take anything away from her because she is an amazing spirit and soul, but she has a GREAT support system in her momma! You both rock and amaze me!

Amy H said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to your daughter. Thank you so much for sharing it and reminding us to see the best in our children...even when it isn't easy.

Kori said...

You amaze me with your ability to see so clearly Sylvia's strengths. And I love you.

Anonymous said...

A truly touching post! The love comes shining through your words. God bless you all!

jenn said...

What a beautiful letter. She will treasure this someday. She is lucky to have you.

Pippi said...

We need more people like both of you in this world. :)

Laura said...

There is nothing as wonderful as watching a child become her self.