Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

I have many half-baked thoughts running through my head - we'll see how many of them actually make it into full-fledged posts.

I had a very nice Mother's Day. After surviving the nightmare that is a middle school talent show, the girls and I drove down to my sister's house. We were meeting my parents on Saturday for a combination Mother's Day/my father's 65th bday celebration. We went to a chocolate festival, where the girls got to do plenty of crafts, and I got a dark choco-covered strawberry, one of my favorite things in the world!

After lunch and some time spent window-shopping at one of the most obnoxious little streets ever (their furniture store had signs all over "no pictures please!") with high-priced and unnecessary items, we dropped my parents off at the train station, and went back to my sister's.

The girls swam, I sat relaxing in the sun, and it was very nice. Later, after my sis' hubby made us dinner, we relaxed in the Jacuzzi (which was the whole reason I drove down), watched ET and went to bed.

On Mother's Day, we got home around noon and found a lovely bouquet of flowers waiting for me from one of my mother forums, which was so nice. I also got a nice shout-out from And the girls made me lovely presents, which I'll post pics of someday.

The best part was Sylvia made me dinner. She's been taking cooking in school this quarter, and she made me tacos with only a very little help from me. She served me soda in a champagne glass (how cute is that?) and we had a lovely dinner.

I did laundry because I had to, but otherwise it was a very nice, relaxing day.

Sylvia is waiting to find out if she was elected to her student body council. She was so excited when so many of her friends told her they voted for her. I hope she makes it, but I think she'll be okay if she didn't.

Riley's soccer team still hasn't won a game, but they did score more goals last week than ever before!

I did get some sad news on Friday. I found out that my friend's wife died. Superduke, you're in my thoughts.


jenn said...

I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day weekend.

dadshouse said...

Sounds like a great Mother's Day!

The part that stood out for me was you eating at your sister's house. Don't get me wrong, I love to cook. But I wish I had family nearby who cooked for me on occasion. Enjoy that time with your family! (With dinner and a jacuzzi, how could you not? ;-)

Kori said...

I am glad it didn't suck for you! And I love you!

Tara R. said...

Sounds like you had a very nice Mother's Day. Good for Sylvia making dinner. The soda in the champagne glass is very classy, nice touch.

Mark said...

Sounds like overall you had a great weekend. Sorry about your friend's loss.

won said...

Sorry I couldn't have showed up to do the laundry for you....

Seriously, glad the weekend was a good one.

Sorry for your friend's loss.

Laura said...

Sorry for your friend's loss. This whole cycle of life thing, spending time with family and enjoying your kids, and then being confronted with other realities, is so hard to deal with sometimes.

Time together, that's really is together, that must be the most important aspect of the cycle of life.

Happy Mother's Day to you.

FreedomFirst said...

Did I wish you a Happy Mother's Day? If not, shame on me and I'm glad you had one anyway.

Tacos are one of my favorite foods. Go Sylvia!

Hope your week is a good one.

Natalie said...

Now I'm curious about the obnoxious little street.

Happy belated Mother's day!

Karen MEG said...

I'm glad that you had a nice Mother's Day weekend. I hope Sylvia makes it onto council, that would be wonderful!

Sorry to hear about your friend's loss, how tragic :(.

Cristine said...

Chocolate and strawberries is the most perfect for any age gift specially for mothers day and fathers day, the better is to make chocolate covered strawberries is a different and interesting idea for chocolate dip fruits.

BusyDad said...

First, happy belated mother's day to you! Glad you all had a relaxing weekend, laundry notwithstanding. But I also wanted to wish Sylvia the best of luck in her school political endeavors. I dabbled in school politics back in high school and my claim to fame was changing the dress code to allow for jeans. THAT'S change, people. ;)

MindyMom said...

Glad you had a (mostly) good day. You deserve it.

Shiona said...

Sorry to hear about yourt friend.

Glad to hear you had a great Mother's Day weekend. Happy Belated Mother's Day as I was nowhere near a computer. Ah relaxing in a jacuzzi sounds like the perfect ending to a day.

I remember when I became student council president at my elementary school. I got to the announcements every Friday and everyone always knew my voice. Good luck Sylvia!

As for the soccer it's great to hear they are scoring more. My cousin's b-ball team didn't win a single game this year but they did learn other valuable lessons.

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

It sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day. You deserve it.

Alicia D said...

I like the soda in the champagne glass. Very attentive to the smallest of details :)