Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm back.

It's been a very interesting week! So much has happened that it will take a few posts to process everything, but for now: I went to the CA PTA convention, saw my X and his mom (separately), survived the commentary from a men's rights activist group, found out that a few people I know from work got laid off, and logged a few hundred miles by car and by plane.

I've missed you all very much, and am trying to catch up on my Reader, but bear with me if I miss a few posts along the way.

Oh, and don't forget about the Jumpstart giveaway! Deadline to enter is this Friday. (And if you'd rather not comment on the web, feel free to send an email instead.)


Dingo said...

When I clicked on the link to comment, I kept getting an error message. Did they take the post down or something?

Tara R. said...

I checked out your post at Examiner. You shouldn't have to defend your opinions. You do a wonderful job limiting your posts to your own experiences, and not make generalities. The big babies sounded like bullies and certainly not sympathetic single dads.

Sorry to hear about your co-workers. Hopefully the lay-off will be temporary, or that they can find another position very soon.

MindyMom said...

Missed you too! Glad to have you back and look forward to hearing details.