Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh, you fabulous Friday, you!

Phew! I'm still not done with this week yet, but the end is near!

I'm so looking forward to doing as little as possible this weekend. We have nothing on the schedule except for the girls going to the Christmas Carol Train Day with my parents.

I don't really have the brainpower for anything too heady so consider this an early weekend wrap-up. Which, sadly, is the only thing I'm writing consistently these days!

Work has been very busy, but it's all good. I really enjoy my work, and those I work with, so I like it when there's a lot to do.

Yes, I'm still having DSL problems at home (grrr) so between work being busy, and no internet at home, I think at last check I had over 800 unread posts in my Reader. Amazing how fast that happens! It just might be worth it to spend another 2 hours on the phone with ATT this weekend to get the DSL back at home.

I'm incredibly nervous about the CA Supreme Court decision coming out on Tues. Heads up, I will most likely be writing about it either way.

I was asked today if I'm ready for it if we lose. My response: "as ready as I can be for total injustice!"

Ugh, and Coolio is driving me insane! I'm thankful that we're no longer cube-neighbors, but even walking by him to and from the kitchen, I manage to hear more idiotic stuff come out of his mouth than one person should be allowed to utter and still live.

Yesterday's gem: After someone else was mentioning how people cared more about voting for American Idol than in the CA election on Tuesday, he tells them, "no offense, but their vote counts more on American Idol than it does in an election."

Sylvia learned 3 years ago that just putting "no offense" in front of something doesn't mean that it's not offensive. More than the rest of what she said, that's what bothered me about Miss California's remarks. When you feel the need to say "no offense" before you say something, you're admitting that what you're saying WILL be offensive.

And just because you can vote a gazillion times on American Idol does NOT mean that it counts more. For one thing, who wins American Idol does not affect my daughters' education! And it was also idiotic because his fiance is a teacher!

Speaking of education, I wrote more about homework on LA Moms today.

Riley slept funny the other day and walked around the entire following day looking like the Hunchback! She still favors one side, but she's doing better. I picked her up early and she came to my work and fell asleep. I joked about my work being boring, and she almost looked offended: "no, it's not! Your work is awesome!"

Next Friday night, they'll both be performing at the Boys & Girls Club end of year showcase. Sylvia's doing 2 dances, a scene and opening the show with her singing solo. Riley will be doing an acting scene. I think this show will be much, much better than the PITS show at Sylvia's junior high a couple of weeks ago!

Riley's team won a soccer game! By forfeit, but still...She doesn't seem to mind as much anymore, and is playing hard and having fun.

And I know there were other little odds and ends, but I need to save my remaining brainpower to wrap up my work-week.

Hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day weekend!


FreedomFirst said...

Sorry to disappoint you, but I think I agree with Coolio about the voting. I wouldn't feel the need to preface it with "no offense," though, since I tend not to care who's offended - hehe. I do think the elections are as rigged as they can possibly get without it being so obvious we'd have to speak up.

I hope the girls' performance goes well! Have a happy weekend.

Jen said...

Enjoy your weekend of relative leisure - mine started today and we've moved about 2/3 of what we need to before the movers come for the big pieces.

I think all-in-all though, we're going to have a nice family weekend aside from the boxes. ;-)

Tara R. said...

I'm very interested in Tuesday's court decision too.

Good luck, or 'break a leg,' at the Showcase.

Dingo said...

I find the homework battles fascinating. I read your post on LA Moms about the homework battle but what is it exactly that people are finding offensive about homework? Too much, too boring, etc?

I hope you had a relaxing weekend.

jenn said...

I love that Riley said your work is awesome.