Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Everything Changes

Sylvia hates talking about anything related to puberty. It took me about a year to have the first talk with her about her period. She would literally run screaming from the room whenever I tried to bring it up!

Her Changes is a product designed to help her understand what is happening with her body. The kit includes a booklet explaining the facts, a journal, a calendar (yes, like the ones you see at the OB's office), stationery and 3 kinds of perfume.

Even after getting through "the talk," even with her level of acceptance that she will indeed progress into adolescence, Sylvia still doesn't want to talk about it. We turn into the classic clashing mother/daughter. Frankly, she's sick of hearing me say that she can always come to me.

With that, I feel better about knowing that she has this kit where she can access the information privately, and I'm confident that the information is accurate (unlike what she might hear from her friends at school). And she knows (and would tell you she knows while rolling her eyes, exasperated) that she can come to me with any additional questions she might have.

I was disappointed that the booklet didn't discuss alternatives to tampons or pads, like the DivaCup or Instead, but at least their website includes a message board for additional questions.

I like the fact that the kit comes in both a "Young Miss" and "Tomboy" version. I have a feeling I'll be buying the Tomboy kit for Riley, when the time comes. And Sylvia loves the perfumes that come in the kit.

Either as an introductory tool or a bit later in the process, I think most parents and daughters would appreciate this kit as a great resource for getting through this inevitable time!


won said...

I am so hung up on how to have this talk with a son. Feeling this way, I could appreciate what you said you were dealing with in trying to talk with Sylvia.

I'm glad you found some something to use to help open the door and that Sylvia was receptive to taking it.

Talking to my daughter about it was easy and her response gold. About sex, she said "EW...THAT'S GROSS!!" I willed her to think that like for a decade or so more.

dadshouse said...

That kit sounds like a great idea. My ex-wife talked to our daughter about her body changing, but I was the one who talked to her about sex:

We talked for an hour, and had a great discussion. One interesting note, my daughter took all her followup questions to her aunt, not her mom or me.

April said...

That's a great point, David. I tell the girls all the time that they can talk to their aunts (and a few other adult friends) if they don't feel comfortable telling me something. I know Mom wasn't always the first choice for me, either! Thankfully, I had a big sis to help me through it all.

jenn said...

I dread "the talk" when Shiloh gets older. But it's good that you found something to help with it.

I think that's a great idea that Dadshouse mentioned also. I never went to my parents with anything. I'll have to remember to tell Shiloh that she can also go to my sister or a couple other reliable adults. That way she gets correct info anyway. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about it yet.

FreedomFirst said...

That's a great idea. I wonder if they have it for boys.... I don't really like the idea of Mark having "the talk" with them. I can already hear that one. I can't repeat it though.

Laura said...

That kit sounds so nice! I am kinda dreading doing this with my kids! Think I may need the tomboy version for my girl child too!

MindyMom said...

Me? 2 down and two to go! Well, my 11 yr old is well on her way. Maybe I should write a book when it's all over! ;) They all took a different approach to "tha talk" too.

Loth said...

I am so glad I have boys! Those sort of talks are primarily Dad's territory! (I'm such a coward)

Jen said...

The "What's Happening to my Body Book for Boys" by Lynda Madaras was something C really enjoyed at that age. They have an equivalent one for girls. Sylvia might like that - C read it in bits and pieces as he had questions. We've also always been open talking about things, but there's a lot to be said for getting information privately, without dying of embarrassment. ;-)