Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Remember the single moms this Mother's Day

Every mother raising their child(ren) deserves a little recognition on this hallmark holiday. Sure, it's kind of stupid. Sure, mothers should be treated with respect and love every day. But there is something nice about taking one day out of the year to celebrate the unsung heroes.

Take a look at your morning news programs, and all over the Internet. Mothers are judged every single day for some very difficult decisions they make. We've talked to death the Octomom, the mom who kicked her kids out of the car, and the mommy wars still alight the blogosphere from time to time. There are helicopter parents, and parents who aren't nearly involved enough, and moms have kept therapists in business for years.

I don't know of any mom who hasn't made mistakes. We're generally imperfect people, trying to do our best. We have a nearly impossible job: we're supposed to nurture these individuals, and help them through everything all so that they can eventually leave us and not need us anymore.

So, yes, I totally support the idea of giving us just one day a year, the day with the most cards sent and phone calls made in the U.S. There are some who will receive breakfast in bed, some who will be given expensive jewelry from their husbands, and most of us will receive handmade presents from our children, which we will cherish.

Yet it can be a very hard day for some mothers out there. Even with the handmade gifts, and children trying to be on their very best behavior, there will be some single moms out there who will miss not having someone care for them this Sunday. There will be some that wish they had a husband to take them out to a champagne brunch, or even just some friends to spend the day with, but their friends are busy with their own children that day.

Our family has a group celebration of sorts, so I will have a celebration this weekend. But I'm worried for some of my single mom friends out there that may not be recognized this year.

If you know a single mom, send her a card. Maybe even invite her to brunch on Saturday. Let her know that someone is thinking of her this Mother's Day. And then relish in every kiss and hug and smile that every mother so richly deserves!

Originally posted on LA Moms, May 7, 2009.


Kori said...

large hugs going your way. I can't even go to DINNER with people I don't know well, so you know I think you are the Bravest Person In The World, right?

Suzie said...

Very cool Ill take a look when I can

dadshouse said...

Have a Happy Mother's Day!!