Monday, October 13, 2008

If Barack Obama loses...

If Obama loses, I would much rather he lose because people believe in less regulation than because they think Obama "pals around" with a terrorist.

If Obama loses, I would much rather he lose because people don't believe that he has a better plan to end our occupation in Iraq than because they think Obama doesn't care about the troops.

If Obama loses, I would much rather he lose because they fundamentally disagree with the idea of universal health care than because they are uncomfortable with a leader that is not white.

If Obama loses, I would much rather he lose because people believe in the trickle-down economic theory, not because they fear they'll raise his taxes.

If Obama loses, I hope he loses fair and square, without questions about chads or electronic machines.

If Obama loses, I hope that McCain lives a long, long time.


Mozi Esme said...

Interesting (optimistic?) observations!

Jen said...

Excellent post, April. My German daughter is visiting us right now. She's been shocked by all the TV ads, etc., because they don't do that in Germany - the focus is FAR more on the issues. I can't even imagine that, and I so, so wish I could.

FreedomFirst said...

If he loses, and my vote means anything, it will be because I simply cannot force myself to vote for someone who does not believe in the America my ancestors wanted to build. I don't believe any of the crap the media spouts about him.

I firmly believe we are in desperate need of LESS government regulation and intervention in our life, not more. But McCain won't give us that, either. I think I'm going to vote for one of the 3rd party candidates. I don't really care which one. I just can't bear the thought of casting a vote for either McCain the lying, conniving crook, or Obama the socialist. I am not a socialist and I believe socialism to be fundamentally wrong.

There will be nothing fair and square about the election. I have no doubt of that.

Here is what I think will happen if Obama is elected. The legislature is always up for more regulations on the people, more power and control over our lives. So everything he wants that will get them more of that, will pass. Anything that will only benefit us and not them, forget it. All the bad things will happen and none of the good things.

I just don't think the alternative is really any better.

Anonymous said...

Or because his middle name is Hussein or because his wife hates white people or because ... the list goes on for foolish and ignorant excuses as to why people don't like Obama.

April said...

FreedomFirst - FWIW, while I disagree with you on the issues, I do think you have much more interesting points to raise than what I've seen on the campaign trail, and that's more to my point. I'd love to see a debate about the actual issues. These are serious times indeed, and this country (and the candidates) need to take this election seriously.

Jeanne Elle said...

I hope he wins... I'm Canadian and can't vote, but I wish good luck to him and his supporters.

Kori said...

ok, I can finally comment. But I am just going to say that this was a great post, and leave it at that.

Mama Smurf said...

I'm with freedomfirst 100%.

My ONLY reason for not voting for Obama is because I am strongly against the socialist and big government beliefs.

All this negative campaigning is rediculously transparent. I honestly just wish we had a different republican choice.

I'm not voting FOR McCain...I'm simply voting AGAINST socialism and big government.

I actually do like Obama and I believe he does have our country's best interest at heart. I just share a fundamental difference in opinion with him is all.

Anonymous said...

Issues? There are issues in this election? A few months ago I would have responded to the "socialist" comments with facts about McSame actually being more intrusive in our lives than Obama but you know what? I'm just tired. Tired, tired, tired. I just want this to be over so we can either pick up the pieces and move forward or figure out how the hell we're supposed to deal with Bush III.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with socialism? What's wrong with helping each other out if someone is struggling? What's wrong with not looking out just for ourselves?

Great post April. But may Obama win because people want an intelligent man who has a perspective shaped by history and respects other cultures and the diversity of America and the world.

Anonymous said...

I read freedomfirst and mamasmurf with some incredulousness (I hope that is a word)...have they not been paying attention to what our current administration has done to us in the name of Homeland Security? What a complete and total joke! We have more government intrusion into our private lives now than we ever had, ever.

Our system of homeland security is laughable. If the bad guys want to do it to us again, folks, NO SWEAT...they will find a way and it won't be anything they have ever done before...if nothing else, they have demonstrated that they are NOT predictable.

I refuse to give up my freedoms to terrorists or to my own government. I will not be wiretapped; I will not allow the government to dictate what I can and cannot do with my own body (frankly, I think Dr. Kevorkian was a hero and should have never been sent to prison); I could go on.

There is no reason to vote AGAINST someone if you are not in favor of the other major candidate. We have the right to write in a preferred candidate...exercise your right and your freedom to choose who you want to represent you as president; don't skew the vote by using that "I'm voting against, not for" reasoning.

And isn't it really wonderful that we can have this conversation at all? You do know that blogs as well as all other forms of online communications are constantly monitored by our security big brothers...right?

George Bush RUINED this country in every possible way it could be ruined...that is why I am voting for Obama...he may actually be able to change things a bit...McCain doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell.

Oh, BTW...I was a lifelong registered Republican and even voted for McCain 8 years can thank President Bush for turning me into a that will now NEVER look back.

Thank you April for posting such discussion worthy topics!!!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

If Obama loses, I hope it's not because of the morons who think he's a Muslim Arab terrorist like they shouted out here at McCain's town hall meeting. It seriously scares me that there are people who are that ignorant who get to vote.

Shiona said...

I don't even want to think about this whole thing. I always prepare for the worst but I am hoping for the best.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is people who don't realize that socialism already exists, and much of it came to be under republican control.

You may think you are voting against big government, but this bailout was big government of the highest order.

I guess it's ok to bail out corporations, but not ok to lend a helping hand to a fellow American?

By the way, I'm of course in total agreement with your entry.

Anonymous said...

Amazing amazing, April. But what I've come to expect from you!!

Anonymous said...

Great entry, and thought-provoking comments. I can't wait to read your latest (when I have a few spare moments!).

Tara R. said...

All I can say is 'amen.'

FreedomFirst said...

Oh, one more thing: here is how the trickle-down economic theory works. We all know that the current defense budget is huge. You would think that this would benefit someone like my husband, who does 99% of his contracting work on the military base, revamping and updating the housing.

Not so, my friends. Quite the contrary, by the time everyone who helps decide what work will be done and which contractors will do it, get through taking their "fair share" off the top, there is almost nothing left to pay the guys like my husband who are actually doing the work! At the moment, we are flat broke and owed over $6,000; and the guy who owns the company my husband is contracted under, keeps moaning about his losses in the stock market and how long it takes the government's contracting agency to pay him, and telling us we have to wait just a few more days, just a few more days. Well, now I'm borrowing money from my parents again when I swore I was through with that. Thank God I have parents to borrow from.

Trickle-down economics my ass.

It must be ten times worse for the veterans who can't get decent health care despite the huge defense budget.

BusyDad said...

If McCain wins, I hope it is DESPITE Palin, not BECAUSE of her. I'd be really really really scared if that were the case.