Thursday, October 2, 2008

Live(ish) Blogging

I'm interrupting the X Chronicles again because I have this brilliant/stupid idea. I've been dreading watching the debate for most of the day because I think that Palin's going to be claimed the winner if she can stay upright, and that Biden will say something stupid, or be called a bully.
*Any Palin-lovers or those who believe Obama's a Muslim - leave NOW*

So last week I had a brilliant time watching the debate as I went to an Obama debate party (and I'm fairly certain Dermot Mulrooney was sitting next to me). I had a drink, we laughed together, yelled at the TV together, applauded Obama together ("I have a bracelet, too" - classic), but then made a mad dash for the theatre.

Tonight, my parents are in Canada so I had to do the mom thing and wait until after dinner, homework, blah blah blah and my girls are now in bed. But the thought of yelling at the TV alone while drinking my Smirnoff Ice (shut up - I'm saving my Ketel One) was making me cringe.

So I had this brilliant/stupid idea to write instead of yell. I may also take little breaks for updates (happy bday sis!), and this won't go up until I'm done watching so it's not truly a live blog, but since I'm watching the debate 3 1/2 hours later, there's really no sense in trying to be "live" about it.

Before I start (because *sigh* Sylvia's tooth is hurting and she's getting herself an ice pack so I can't start the debate yet), let me just ponder - why do the same people who believe that Wright and Obama are working together to hate America also believe that Obama's a Muslim? Isn't that a contradiction right there?!?

Oh, and I'm very excited that next weekend, we're going to a No on 8 campaign party. I've already given $$, but I'll prob'ly shell out at least another $20. And have you donated? I'd be eternally grateful! Even $5 would make me love you...

Okay, I'm starting. BTW, I also think she's going to compare governing to parenting.

This guy on CNN described Palin as being "one 72-year-old's heartbeat away from being the commander-in-chief." That frightens me.

"Can I call you Joe?" He should've said, "I prefer Mark." Just to mess with her.

"A pleasure to meet you." Wow. They've never met?!?

Does anyone really know what "middle-class" means anymore? I had a professor say it used to mean you could survive a year without a job. Anyone who can do that is not what I think of when I think middle-class.

I was interrupted - Sylvia's tooth came out.

"go to a kid's soccer game..." of course!! I knew she'd bring that out. Although, I'm surprised that she said soccer, and not hockey.

Yes, we are all afraid. Thanks Bush.

2 years ago, McCain FAILED as a LEADER (Fannie/Freddie). Oh yeah. When McCain went back to Washington, the deal fell apart.

The American workforce is not strong when we have the highest unemployment rate in 7 years.

New energy from McCain? 72. Years. Old.

"Darn right." Yeah, that's folksy. JOe 6-pack? Really? Depends on what kind of 6-pack we're talking.

Exactly, Joe! People are going into debt because they can't afford their groceries! We're not in debt for FUN. Most bankruptcies occur because of divorce, job loss and medical issues. Not because we're supporting TWELVE houses.

Tax relief. Yep. When we're in a deficit CRISIS. You can't cut taxes in these circumstances. I'm sorry, but you just can't. We're giving China the keys to the country.

Oh, wonderful. She's just going to say her campaign speech and ignore the questions. That's how a debate's suposed to work, right?

So far, Biden's doing okay. I'm nervous to actually type that, but so far, so good.

"Re-distribution of wealth?!?" If they make $250k a year, I think they can handle it.

Hmmm. What I remember from the Obama/Clinton debates is that Obama's health plan is NOT mandated. That was about 95% of the differences between the two.

Yep. A $5,000 tax credit doesn't really help me w/ my health insurance. Like a $4,000 voucher doesn't help me pay for a $12,000 tuition under NCLB.

Okay, Biden, I get what you're saying, but you're not answering the question about what changes w/ the bail-out plan. I mean, i know you don't know yet, but have to address this better than you are.

Oh, yeah. McCain doesn't flip-flop. I do NOT recognize this guy from as little as 4 years ago.

But you see? McCain should've KNOWN that bankruptcy law changes came from the companies that were losing money because they had loans that never should've been granted!

Okay, they're talking about bankruptcy and she won't even talk about it. She's talking about energy now. She's just refusing to answer certain things. Perfect. Another VP who won't listen to anyone. We need another one of those. (110 days...)

Hey, does Palin have a gay friend/family member?

I seriously can't believe that they're still talking about marriage between a man and a woman. Really?

Wow. She really lost her place when Biden called McCain out for voting "against the troops."

Did she just say "nuculer?" Oh, boy. Yep. She just said it again.

I'm so tired of this whole, Obama would sit down with the leaders without pre-conditions.

OMG, she just sounded EXACTLY like Bush. EXACTLY. Hah. She even talked about how it's "hard work."

LOL - Palin doesn't even know how to deal with the Israeli question!

Sometimes, I just stop and go, "OMG - even SHE can't believe she's there!"

Okay, I'm getting a little bored right now.

I'm going to break this up with a few pics.

Wow. Biden is the FIRST person to mention education.

Wow again. She just refuses to talk about certain subjects that she doesn't like.

Oh, scary. Her presiding over the Senate. just friggin' scary.

Okay, I admit it. the say it isn't so, Joe line was good.

Okay, thanks, Joe, for talking about single parents.

Oh, he made me tear up.

Good for you, Biden! Good for you for calling out the maverick idea.

Palin, I don't buy you as a bipartisan for one. single. moment.

Well, she stayed upright. And I think Biden did a great job from not "attacking" Palin.

Good night all.


Anonymous said...
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Me. Here. Right now. said...

Nice tie-in to the debate. I caught the last 30 minutes and I heard Joe choke up - some say he was doing it for effect - I don't know any parent who could talk about their dead child and seriously injured children and not choke up for real - even all these years later. He did the single dad thing - and it's tough even when you are a little bit more socio-economically advantaged.

Natalie said...

When it was on live, my full attention wasn't on it (just got home, dinner, all that jazz) and every time I looked at the screen, if Biden wasn't talking, Palin was saying pretty much the same thing she said the last time I looked up from whatever I was doing.

A lot of people say she won because she didn't lose. I beg to differ, she just didn't do as bad as we thought she would because she was given a lot of talking points before she arrived. She held herself together, but I wouldn't call her a winner. Biden had a lot more substance, but unfortunately, the spin machines will focus on how *well* Palin did. Gah!

So I did the mature thing and had a glass of wine and got downright insulting on my blog out of frustration.


Anonymous said...

After Biden talked about being a single parent, I screamed "I LOVE YOU!" at the TV. He totally made me tear up too.

Anonymous said...

It was painful to watch. If I had to suffer though another, "aw shucks, m'am" moment, I was going to puke. So, I tivo'd it and watched it in small increments.

I wish they had held her feet to the flames and made her answer the questions. The answers that were not on the cheat sheet she brought to the podium with her.

What is scary is that there are people out there who bought it. Were they watching the same debate? Do they not care about getting real answers? I don't even know what to say about that.

So, how much does a tooth go for these days? Has the tooth fairy been affected by the bank failures?

Shiona said...

And the winking at the camera. *groan* and the "I've only been at this five weeks, I haven't made any promises." Maybe not the right move if you want people to seriously consider you for V.P. of the COUNTRY. Well at least the people watching saw through her based on early numbers.

Ooh a debate party would be so fun. Sadly this city is red. I can't wait for next Tuesday and have fun at the no on 8 party!

Kori said...

Now I REALLY don't need to feel bad that I didn't watch it! :)

OHmommy said...

The moment that Joe talked about being a single parent was so touching. I really like the man.

Interesting post. I do like reading what everyone's views are as I formulate my own.

KG said...

I would have LOVED if he'd said, "You can call me Mark." That would have been so fantastic.

ANd what's up with the wink, exactly? It's like she has a nervous twitch or something.

Anyway - I don't know why I watched it because it just made me angry (like each debate does)!

Single Working Mommy said...

I had to turn it off because it was making me mad. Kudos to you for hanging in there!

What I can't really believe is how no one seems to remember McCain was part of the Keating Five. Sheesh. Especially with all this economy/foreclosure business going on right now. It never gets brought up... ANYWHERE. Yeah, yeah, he and the astronaut were cleared but seriously. SERIOUSLY.

Jen said...

I was right with you on almost all of those thoughts. And nuculer really bothers me, too. And yeah, I don't get the Rev. Wright/Muslim thing, either - I've heard that plenty of times.

She did stay upright, but she never answered ONE SINGLE QUESTION.

Biden was pretty darned good. You betcha. ;-)

FreedomFirst said...

My issues with Palin are different from yours, but we can definitely agree on the fact that having her as a possible President is TERRIFYING!

FreedomFirst said...

Oh yeah, one more thing I forgot to mention. Marks says they kept showing her ass and chest during the debate. Is that true?! I just can't believe it. I think he's imagining things.