Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Politically Corrupting My Children...One Election at a Time

I'll be missing the PTA meeting for Riley's school this month. I was outvoted on moving it from Nov. 4 (which I find pretty ironic), and while we last met on a Presidential Debate night, at least those can be DVR'd. Election results, however, can not.

Before that last PTA meeting, my kids ate fast food silently in the car while I blasted NPR and the first half hour of the debate. My children are subjected to GMA every morning while we dress and I shush them to hear the latest poll numbers. Certain proposition commercials have been banned from the household.

Sylvia, who will be 11 on Friday, was given a mighty lecture from me the other night when she made the mistake of asking if she "has to vote" when she turns 18. You would've thought she'd asked if taking drugs was okay from the vehemence in my voice!

This weekend, I'll be devoting at least an hour to calling moms in a Get Out the Vote campaign while I stick my kids in front of a DVD to keep them occupied. And frankly, I'm a little annoyed that their birthdays are just days before the election. I've missed out on some great campaign parties with the bday celebrations!

My kids are my top priority 24/7. Except for the weeks before an election. One day, I hope that they similarly corrupt their kids in the name of patriotism.

Originally posted on LA Moms, October 28, 2008


Karen MEG said...

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