Friday, May 29, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Podcasts

I love listening to podcasts in the car, while doing housework, and in lieu of flipping channels, now that we're sans cable.

Here are a few of my favorites (no affiliate links or anything like that):

APM's Marketplace: I have the all-in-one, which amounts to 4 podcasts every weekday, but 3 of them are generally only about 7 minutes long, and the last is about 26 minutes. Great for keeping up with the latest in economic/business news.

So Money: Farnoosh publishes The weekday podcasts are about a half hour and she interviews those from all walks of life, but she includes some of the same financial questions in every interview. On the weekends, she answers listener questions (average 15 minutes).

Ask Me Another: NPR's other game show (I also subscribe to Wait Wait...). My favorite part is Jonathan Coulton, their one-man house band and his alternate lyrics to popular songs for their quizzes.

Death, Sex and Money: I found this one from their premier on This American Life (another fave).  I love that she interviews people from all walks of life, known and unknown, but my favorite episode was with Ellen Burstyn.

So far, all Gimlet Media shows: StartUp, Reply All and their newest, Mystery Show. Seriously, love all of them!

How to Do Everything always makes me smile. Note to Self (formerly New Tech City) always makes me think.

I think I actually scared someone when I was waiting for Sylvia one night and I got so happy with one of the segments on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me that I shouted "Yes!"  I have to reserve StoryCorps for when I'm home, because it usually tears me up.

And yes, I'm anxious for the next season of Serial to start already!
These are just some of my favorites. Yes, I'm addicted to podcasts. It probably doesn't help that nearly all of them include a promotion for another one so I just keep adding new favorites. And listening has gotten easier now that I finally switched to the Stitcher app. Now I don't even have to decide which one I'm going to listen to, I just start the app.

With headphones and my podcasts, washing dishes almost takes too little time! Almost.

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