Saturday, June 6, 2015

Financial Personality Quiz

Some (real) personal finance bloggers are participating in this event. I'm not one of them, but I played along anyway.

This site has a financial personality quiz. Of course, I had to take it and came up with the personality: Contrarian.

know yourself

The Contrarian

Independent Confident Non-conformist 7% in America are The Contrarian

As The Contrarian, you bring a blunt and independent approach to your social life and finances. You know what you like, and it’s going to be hard to change your mind. You’re very set in your ways and don’t follow trends simply because you see everyone else doing it. Your firm independence isn’t unlikeable though. Your friends appreciate your quick and biting wit and your ability to stand strong in support of your beliefs. You like playing devil’s advocate, and that earns you as much respect as it does criticism. But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

I must say, I agree with this assessment.  

Financial Habits of The Contrarian

  • Doesn’t reach out for or listen to other’s help and support in financial issues
  • Actively analyzes and tracks finances
  • Willing to go outside their comfort zone to get the best prices
  • Doesn’t spend impulsively and avoids peer, social, and environmental factors that can increase spending
  • Doesn’t fully trust others to manage their money
  • Sees the long-term outcomes of their current spending
I agree with some of this, except I am totally not willing to go outside my comfort zone for the best prices! And the first one's only kind of true; I seek out advice constantly on blogs, websites, the YNAB forum and podcasts, but it's all very passive. While I did see a financial adviser at my credit union, I only took some of his advice. I used to be much more impulsive, so I'm proud of the changes I've made there, and I am definitely focused on the long-term goals. 

How Being The Contrarian Can Impact Your Dream

Contrarian, your dreams often begin and end with a strong sense of yourself. And while it is impossible to have too much inner strength, never forget those who help you every day. No person is an island and no dream built alone.
 As someone who takes pride in being independent, this is not shocking to me, but it's probably true that I could give more credit to others where due. 

Still, I kind of love being thought of as a Contrarian!

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