Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I wanted to write something for Mother's Day, but was struggling on what to say. So I took a little trip down the archives of this blog and it reminded me of something that made me smile.

We were leaving Sylvia's Senior Art Show the other night, and had planned to pick up dinner on the way home.

I said, "what do we want?" and Sylvia replied, "equal rights." Without skipping a beat, I said, "when do we want it?" and both girls said, "now!" Nearly 7 years ago, the girls and I marched to that chant.

The archives reminded me of so many struggles we've been through, as well as the successes.

So the only thing I can really think to do is link to previous Mother's Day posts. Don't worry, there's not a post for every year! I'm not nearly that consistent!

From 2008. Sadly, most of these people don't blog anymore. Or maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't be, either! 

2009, though I'm sort of cheating because it was posted prior to Mother's Day, but still a worthy sentiment: Remember a Single Mom this Mother's Day.

2011 is short.

2012 was dedicated to my mom.

2013 is the best and worth the read.

As always, to all the moms, and most especially the single moms, Happy Mother's Day!

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Kristine said...

Happy Mother's Day! (sorry I'm a bit late)