Monday, May 25, 2015

Cleaner Laundry

MyGreenFills reached out to me to try their products, and this was the first such request I've accepted in a very long time.

Long-time readers will know how thrilled I am now to do laundry since moving and getting my own washer and dryer. Happy as I was, and happy as I've been that my utility bills haven't shot up with my HE washer and dryer, I had noticed that after a few weeks, laundry was getting an unpleasant smell, so I had been thinking about switching laundry detergents anyway.

This is even better because MyGreenFills is committed to lessening the load of laundry jugs each household buys to just one last jug.

Instead of buying a new jug, you get refill packets and mix that with water to refill your jug. Not only that, but the packets are made with hypo-allergenic, non-toxic materials.

The same concept applies for liquid softener and color brightener and other products.

To be honest, I hope to buy just one more jug from MyGreenFills, if they fix two design flaws. One: it's difficult to see where exactly the Fill line is when you're adding the water. Two: it's also hard to see the lines for measuring. Still, I haven't noticed any issues in the performance, even if I didn't get either of those exactly right.

I'm not sure I'll be refilling my fabric softener, because I'm quite happy with my wool dryer balls.

But I'll most definitely be refilling the laundry soap. And I have not noticed any unpleasant odors from my washer (or laundry) since switching to MyGreenFills.

They will send you a jug for free (you pay shipping and handling) by clicking this link (just beware: when the page opens, an incredibly loud video starts playing so hover over your mute button).

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