Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Things are beginning to wind down for us, which is nice. Almost all of the holiday parties are done!

It started Monday night with our department holiday dinner, which is the lawyers' present to all of us and it was excellent. Thursday, our wing had a holiday pot-luck where a few of us hung out in a corner and were thoroughly amused by ourselves - just thinking about it makes me start grinning like a fool. That was also the day of the Boys & Girls Club party, where the girls had a blast.

Riley had her holiday program on Friday, and was cute as a button, of course. What I particularly enjoyed was that they split the program up so we were only there for her and one other class. Instead of taking 2 hours out of my day, it only took a half-hour. I truly appreciated that!

Saturday was our extended family holiday party which my parents host. My mom always puts together a contest - this year it was "where in the world are we" where she got to boast about all of her vacations and we had to guess where they were based on the photo. I actually won! I got a nice bag out of it, which I'm using as a gym bag.

Yes, I have succumbed. I joined our company's fitness center and am going tonight to my first class. I haven't worked out in a few years because I hate working out. I'm trying out the Cardio Salsa class. I can't work out if that's the only objective. I need choreography to take my mind off the actual exercise.

Sunday was supposed to be the day where Sylvia played Mommy for the Day. As soon as it involved actual doing something, it was over, of course. So Riley was supposed to take over, but she didn't want to do anything, either. I didn't mind. (I got to sleep in so what could be wrong?)We had a Lost marathon as well. One more disc and we're caught up!

And we got a call from the old Boys & Girls Club where the girls went last year, inviting us to their holiday party tomorrow. The girls are so excited to see their old friends again, and I was really touched that they asked us. And then we'll be done with the parties.

Some of my single mom friends will be horrified by this, but what I'm most looking forward to about Xmas is when the girls go with my parents to our cousins' house for Xmas dinner, and I'll have the night to myself. We'll be together Xmas Eve night, and we'll have our Xmas morning tradition together, but my cousins live a couple hours away, and I have to work the next day so I'm begging off the dinner and the girls will spend the night with my parents. I'm looking forward to being home alone.

I'm also looking forward to this week and next at work. It's generally quieter with a lot of people on vacation and it's a good chance to catch up on some old filing without constant interruptions.

I'm like an infant whose had too much stimulation lately. I need a blank wall for a bit.


Florinda said...

I'm working on Friday too. I wasn't going to, but half of my department wanted the day off - and since my son will be at his dad's and my stepkids are with their mom for Christmas Day, I gave back my vacation day. It means driving down to my mother-in-law's and back in one day, which isn't ideal, but in some ways I don't mind working this week either - like you say, it's usually pretty quiet.

Merry Xmas to you and the girls, April!

Tara R. said...

Busy week ... who knew you all were such party goddessess? Hope you and yours have a great Christmas! Enjoy your quiet time too.

Kori said...

Meh, nothing wrong with a blank wall. I am exhausted reading this post, so for your sake I am glad you are done! Love you! Oh, BTW, I love Denny Crane.

Shiona said...

Sounds like a great time. Enjoy the workplace while everyone's gone. Have a Merry Christmas. That cardio salsa class sounds like fun :)

Julie@My5monkeys said...

Have a good Holiday and enjoy the quiet time at work. Sounds like a busy weekend. Have fun at all those parties and watching Lost.

jenn said...

I'm not horrified, I'm jealous. I would kill for a night alone! Okay, not kill, but you know what I mean. It's been too long since I've had a night to myself.

Oh, and I'm working Christmas Eve so I can have Friday off. Am I stupid? Probably.

Anonymous said...
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Suzie said...

Have a great Salsa and party

Anonymous said...

I need that blank wall too. But I prefer to think of it as enabling myself to absorb all of the experiences that I have partaken in, so that I will be prepared for more. Some might call it burnt out from too much interaction. I would say the introversion needs to come out of hiding every once in a while.

Enjoy your together/alone Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I've had my blank wall (mostly) for the last couple of days. While I'm not ready for a lot of excitement, I could use something else. :)

Thanks for your comment, it's hard not having this time with my girls. At the same time, it's good to have that peace and quiet, time to refuel before the next storm hits. I'm still prone to that bout, but each day gives me a chance to take a deep breath and keep going. I envy your time with your girls right now, but I also hope you have time to spend on your own.

Christmas wishes, and all that wonderful crap, may you have a wonderful holiday! It's time for cheer and joy, love and happiness, may you have plenty to share.

won said...

I read your post, and feel a totally different perspective on my own loneliness and grief at this time of the year.

As I tell my son, perhaps the grass is not necessarily is just different.

I am glad to come here and be reminded of that.

Karen MEG said...

Have a wonderful Christmas with your girls and your family April.

And enjoy YOUR day with your blank wall ...I get it ... you need your day to recharge. You so deserve it.

Meg said...

Enjoy your down time. Happy Holidays!