Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random (or Wordy Wed.)

Why is it that the more I write, the less I write well? I don't even mean in terms of how good the content is or isn't. I mean, I'm making stupid mistakes, like typing "too" when I mean "two" and not checking for errors before I hit "submit." Next thing you know, I'll start typing "anyways."

I thought I was done Xmas shopping. Then Kori very innocently asked me about stockings. How do I forget those things every friggin' year?!? One more trip to the store after I get paid this week.

I had contraband cheese the other night that makes me believe the very best things are illegal.

I spoke to a very nice woman at the water and power company today. She said I should get a closing bill within the next two weeks, and if I don't, then to please call back. Apparently, they're delaying sending out closing bills. Yeah, just a little!

I didn't get up until 7:40 a.m. today. Riley was up, but Sylvia was asleep. See, what happened was that Riley woke up at like FIVE and then I completely ignored my alarm or turned it off or something. Riley started playing Sylvia's educational game designed for 5th graders and just got completely sucked into that so it didn't occur to her to wake us up. (Yet she didn't finish her 3rd grade homework last night. Go figure.) Sylvia may have been 3-4 minutes late for school at 8. Yes, we rock!

I love, love love Prefers Her Fantasy Life's idea of charging the docs for our time. RadDude and I were talking just the other day about a billing problem he's having with his health insurance, and how ridiculous it is the time we waste on such things. And we're the lucky ones! We're the ones with health insurance and flex spending accounts! I try to remember that, but sometimes it's awfully hard.

Okay, so I'm writing more posts lately, but I'm fully aware that they're mostly drivel - and a waste of your time. I'm trying to get myself back in the groove.

I'm also not passionately upset or happy about anything right now. I'm sure the day will come. I'm thinking Jan. 20 at the very latest. 34 days left of W. As I recently said somewhere (I think it was in a comment to Margaret and Helen), I'm beginning to believe we'll actually make it!


Karen MEG said...

That's funny that you're typing with various spelling errors too.. I've been doing that lately and do NOT know what the heck is going on with me. I helped the boy with his spelling of "their, there, they're" and then went and used it incorrectly on a blog post LOL!

Some days are just like this.

Kori said...

Didn't you love the whole shoe post? It was great. I like your "drivel", btw, and I think I want-NEED-some of that contraband cheese.

Tara R. said...

Stockings!? ....crap!

Anonymous said...

Bugger! I'm supposed to shop for stockings too? I thought the tricycle was enough. *sigh*

As for stupid mistakes, you ain't alone sister. I went back and read through some of the crap I pounded out in the past few posts and, damn, you'd think I never learned how to use a comma. *sigh* Ah well, 'tis the season for forgiveness. Guess I'll have to forgive myself for writing like a dumbass. Add another one to the list. lol

Anonymous said...

It drives me nuts when I notice myself making a simple grammatical error, only because I know the grammar police are out there.

And about health insurance - a coworker of mine got preapproved for a $45,000 surgery on her jaw to open up her air pipes. She was APPROVED by the insurance company and now (after the fact) they are refusing to pay. She has to file a civil suit against them, so I'm not sure how "lucky" we actually are sometimes. I mean, luckier than those who don't have insurance at all, but our system is broken, regardless.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I want to know more about the cheese.

Florinda said...

I just discovered Margaret and Helen a few weeks ago - they are AWESOME! I want to be them when I'm 80.

I've always said I'm a good speller, but a lousy typist. (In fact, I just typed "typsit" back there before I corrected it!) Glad it's not just me!

Yeah, I always forget about the stockings too. A shopper's work is never done...

Shiona said...

Haha this is too funny. I have enough mistakes on the Internet so enough typed :)