Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

One of these days/weeks, I'll post more than just a weekend wrap-up and one post a week. Last week was not one of those times. This week? Don't know yet.

Things were busy. Monday night was our employee party, Tuesday night the PTA meeting, Thursday was the cookie exchange party, Saturday Sylvia had a basketball tournament (her team lost - HUGE - but her team was mostly 5th graders playing mostly 8th graders. It was over before it began), and Sunday we were up very early for the Say No to Drugs Race. But at least on Saturday, I got to sleep in. I was looking forward to that all week, since last weekend had us getting up to an alarm every day. There is no weekend without a day off from an alarm, I believe.

Riley did much better in PE this week, passing the "standard time" allotted for her run on Monday. We were elated for her! The Curriculum Director was out most of the week due to a family emergency (everything is fine now) but he will check in next week and let me know his thoughts. Wednesday didn't go quite as well (Riley has PE twice a week), but I'm trying to keep our obsession level down a bit. She did have a lot of fun this a.m. at the Say No to Drugs Race. She just has to remember she likes to run. Loves it, even.

Sylvia did awesome at the 5k today. I was most surprised to see Sylvia and her granddad finish before my mom! Last year, she left them behind. Sylvia's improvement in a year is quite impressive, especially considering she only has run these on an annual basis so far. We're thinking of finding another 5k for her to do in the summertime.

I'm not sure if we'll go back to the Say No to Drugs race next year. It's doubled (at least) from the attendance last year. We always feel compelled to go since they keep putting one or both of the girls on their brochure. I have a feeling we'll be hoodwinked into it again if we see those smiling faces on next year's brochure! The girls' Boys & Girls Club is also a sponsor, so that's another compelling reason to continue to support it. (Not to mention, of course, it's a good cause.)

The girls and I are back to watching Lost, now that Season 4 is out on DVD. I also wasted 2 hours of my life watching Bottle Rocket. I guess that says enough about what I thought of it.

It probably didn't help, however, that I was struggling to finish my knitting project at the same time - my first sweater. I had stopped knitting during the move and have only recently gotten back to picking it up one or two nights a week. Outside of one lesson, I've basically been teaching myself, so when I get stuck, I'm really really stuck. I don't know if this sweater will ever be able to be worn in public, but I'm pushing through it anyway. I figure I'd rather make as many mistakes on this one item before I start the next project - maybe the next one will be wearable!

I love this email I received this week (before the bail-out failed - for the moment):

I think it's better, frankly, to let these companies file bankruptcy. As I've said before, the little guys will still be the ones hurt the most, but I don't see anything outside of bankruptcy teaching a lesson to the guys at the top. I also think it's pointless to worry about which car companies are American or not. All cars import and export parts from everywhere so to say a car is "American" or not doesn't really mean anything anymore.

Oh, and I confess, I've been doing a bit more writing than you see here. This post from the LA Moms blog also got picked up for syndication, but I actually prefer this post.

This coming week is full of more holiday gatherings and possibly another basketball game for Sylvia so I'm not sure if more weighty posts are in the immediate future or not. I appreciate everyone who stops by even (make that especially) when I have little to say!


Anonymous said...

I love that your kids are so involved in different things. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm taking pointers from you.

You should have asked my mom for advice on that sweater while you had her in your sight! Of course, you didn't know then that she used to knit A LOT.

I think posting in general has been down. I have been pretty absent from my own blog for no reason other than I haven't been interested in it and my reader doesn't fill up as quickly as it used to.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to stop complaining now about how busy my weekends are because it seems when kids are your kids' ages the busyness quadruples. The sleeping in part? I'm beyond jealous. I can't wait for that day to come.

Anonymous said...

When I was in school we could get out of PE if we participated in a sport of our choice. Any chance Riley's school would let her do that? At least that way she's doing something she volunteered for.

FreedomFirst said...

I'm so glad to hear you say that about the auto bailout. I really hate the idea of the employees losing jobs, but only marginally less than I hate the way these companies have operated. The fact that they would even dare ask the unions to let go of healthcare, pensions, and now cut pay is outrageous considering the salaries the CEOs make. I think, honestly, the money would benefit our nation far more if it were given directly to the employees as a government-sponsored severance package, and the auto industry allowed to fail. I'm not sure I would actually advocate that, it's a pretty big step by the government. But it would definitely be a better plan than the bailout.

Suzie said...

Wow youve got one sporty family. :)

Kori said...

Minivan....really. I am actually jealous a little bit re: the LA moms blog. I think I got totally snubbed by the Rocky Mountain Moms one. Bygones. I am glad to hear the weekend sportsfest went well, and that most importantly the girls ar ENJOYING it!