Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Update on the Parent Teacher Conference: I spoke to the PE teacher on Thursday. It was frustrating, to say the very least. His response to what we can do to help her? "I don't know." I've decided this guy must be the only person in the world who doesn't like Riley, so I'm going over his head. The curriculum director already knows (and likes!) Riley and me from her speech therapy and the PTA meetings. I asked him to please observe the PE class on Monday and tell me his thoughts.

I told Riley that success is the sweetest revenge - that she should do her best for her, and to make sure the PE teacher has no reason to come down on her ever again. I confessed to her that I didn't really like him, and she burst out with relief, "I don't like him, either!" I don't think things will change overnight, but I hope that she eventually sees that it's easier to just do it.

Friday night, Nancy and I went to see a play. The audience was more entertaining than what was happening on stage. We left at intermission. I won't name it here because that's just crass, but let's just say it involved a few name actors who were directed very very poorly, and even the costumes were bad. It was definitely our worst theatre date, but we still managed to have fun with the journey.

I can't embed this video, but I laughed out loud at this dream sequence from The Starter Wife, where Messing explains the difficult life of a busy, working mom. Take the minute and 11 seconds to check it out.

On Saturday, Sylvia had her first basketball game with the B&G Club. Her team KILLED the other team. I think the final score was 42-8. The other team didn't even score until the 2nd quarter. Don't tell Sylvia I said this, but it was more in spite of her than because of her. There are about 5 girls on her team that were incredible! Especially at stealing the ball. Sylvia made some good passes, but she was obviously the least seasoned player on the team.

I was fairly amused at one of the dads there, passionate about the game. He didn't stop directing his daughter from the sidelines the entire time she was on the court! I was glad I wasn't really emotionally invested. I am proud of Sylvia for getting out there and trying, but it's a good thing their season will consist of three games. The other two are next week.

My biggest news this week is that I moved in to my new office!! It is so, so nice to be in there, no longer surrounded by the many, many interruptions and distractions that I used to encounter out there in cube-land. Everyone still stopped by to check out my new digs, but that will die down the longer I'm in there, I'm sure (no, Coolio was not one of them - one of the benefits of someone knowing you hate them is they tend to leave you alone). And I can have conference calls and meetings in my own office instead of borrowing someone else's. Yay! I also have room for my files, and one of the assistants had already moved all the pics of my girls before I even moved in, so it felt like home immediately. After the game yesterday, I took the girls to see it. They are so thrilled for me.

I have decided that my favorite sentence in the English language is "I agree with you." I'm also fond of "you're right" and "thank you." No, no real point to that - just a thought I had when a lawyer said to me, "I agree with you."

I do have a post of epic proportions (or at least some weight) to post one of these days. In fact, there are a few drafts running through my head, but they're not quite focused enough and I don't have the time or energy right now to get them there. Someday soon, I hope...


Julie@My5monkeys said...

loved the starter wife and its so true with being a mom. Gload that you got a bigger place to hang and good luck with pe. Sorry to hear that the play was so bad.

Tara R. said...

Congrats on the new digs. I totally understand the thrill of having your own office ~ doors are awesome! Congrats to Sylvia and her team on their first win. Woohoo!

won said...

I am not sure how I found my way to your blog, but wanted to comment on your situation with the PE teacher and your daughter. I totally understood.

I have been asking the school for a long time for supports for my son. They have refused, but continue to write him up and suspend him.

This year, enter the teacher who really, really dislikes both he and I. I tried for many weeks to encourage him to control himself, to maintain the expected norm.

She continued to write him up, to email me, etc. I finally put her on ignore, refusing to allow her to control me. I stopped signing her forms, or returning her emails.

Finally, I was at my wit's end. I told him to just be himself...hold nothing back.

Since that day, it seems as if some of his problems have lessened. I think I was just putting too much pressure on him to maintain the societal norm.

When I gave him permission to just be himself, it is turning out that that is just good enough!

FreedomFirst said...

I'm sorry the PE teacher is a jerk. He sounds like the kind of guy who makes my hair stand up. I hope I don't turn out to be one of those parents who makes the kid's life worse by fighting with all the teachers who dislike them. There is something about arrogant guys that makes my fist ache to connect with a face.

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

Ugh! The PE teacher needs some payback ;)

My favorite phrase, is "I'm sorry. I will fix it".

Shiona said...

Sorry the PE teacher is a jerk. I am totally LMAO at the Starter Wife clip.

As for the sports thing I was not all that invested myself in the beginning but I learned to love it more as I kept doing it so good for Sylvia. It is pretty crazy how parents get a bit over the top. I have bowed I won;t be that parent if J decides to play sports.

Congrats on the new office space. It's great when they make things easier for you at work.

Anonymous said...

I am so totally taking pointers from you on dealing with school situations. But I think I've said that before.

Congratulations on the new digs! I bet it feels wonderful!

Jen said...

I'm glad you're going to meet with the CD. I also think it's fine for you to share with Riley and Sylvia when you don't feel a teacher is doing their best - the main thing is to also instill that you have to work hard for them in any case, because the only person who gets hurt is the student, not the teacher.

But I know you know that. I just get on my soapbox mode. ;-) I am SO sick of unprofessionalism in schools right now.

Anonymous said...

I like the phrase "You're right. I was wrong. I'm sorry." I am never ashamed to say it, and I think it's a real indication of someone's character if they can say it, too.

Keep us posted on the PE developments and, as always, look forward to your big thoughts.

Anonymous said...

The starter wife was an AWESOME read.....I still haven't seen the movie yet...

WooHoo for the new office! Nothing like a new environment to re-motivate an individual! I'm thinking of moving mine around, I'm needing a change of outlook!

Given the favourite phrase is "More white?" LOL

jenn said...

I guess I should read an earlier post first, to see what is going on with the PE teacher, but I wanted to go ahead and comment. I hated PE as a kid! Hated it! I hope Shiloh has a better time with it than I did. I was (and still am) so uncordinated and I did good not to kill myself.

Okay, I'm off to read earlier posts now...

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed by parents who act this way at kids' sporting events! I too was so proud of my daughter just for making the team and she is also a good solid player, not the show pony. Sounds like you had fun.

Anonymous said...

I would have had a VERY DIFFICULT time holding my tongue with a teacher who tells me he 'doesn't know' how to modify a situation. I think your telling her to continue to do her best is well as telling her that you think he's a jerk too. That'll jingle around in her head when she wants to get POd at him and calm the brain down.

My daughet played soccer at all levels (except cup) and the parent coaching is unbelieveable...I'm all for muzzles!

Seems like things are really going in a very positive direction for you all...FINALLY...YAY!

p.s. I'm catching up on backreading from Belgium...yoi!