Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Thank you to everyone who participated in the BlogBlast for Education! Everyone's posts were so thoughtful, heartfelt, and inspiring. Inspiring because they told me that this is an issue where we all do have a lot of common ground. I do not believe that the problems in our system are insurmountable. Because this is so important, we're doing it again :) New buttons and date to follow, but it will be in September sometime.

And have I mentioned my undying love and gratitude for CableGirl for designing our very cool buttons? There is simply no way I could've pulled this off without her.

I have more good news - can you believe it? The owners of the condo have agreed to sign another lease to let the girls and I stay here for another year. They are keeping it on the market, so I may have to deal with potential buyers, but I told them either a year or I move out. They chose the $$. I'm not dancing in the streets yet because we have not yet signed the lease, but I hope to take care of that this week. This, as most of you know, is such a huge weight off my shoulders. Particularly with the KIPP situation, I need this year to know whether or not this is where we want to stay. Plus, with my promotion and all, I could use a year to see if I can save $$ and maybe even be able to afford to buy something - maybe even the condo.

But that's next year's problem. And that's all I really wanted. Another year to breath and think. And Riley can stay in her same school. And I don't have to use vacation time to move.

The cloud that was hanging over my head every time we came home, every time I entered my address, every time I tried to contemplate the future will soon be a speck of gray that doesn't need my attention for a WHOLE YEAR!!

A dear friend tried to convince me that maybe this means things do work out in the end. I'm really not a negative, pessimistic person. Hey, I love musical theatre. Anyone who loves musical theatre as much as I do cannot be a pessimist - the art form doesn't allow it. But I still feel like a part of me needs to remain on edge, ready to deal with whatever else comes my way. Because it's only when I'm not prepared for it that it knocks me down completely into a crying, depressed mess of a girl. So, once the lease is signed, I will take a moment to celebrate, but keep myself sober enough to deal with any other problems and challenges that come our way.

Speaking of musical theatre :) the Tony's were okay. I was disappointed that Sondheim didn't get a proper tribute for winning his Lifetime Achievement Award, and that he wasn't there to accept it, but I found a new favorite musical: In the Heights. I'm not a rap fan. Like at all. But the combination of rap, Latin music, and Broadway harmonies is something I cannot resist. I downloaded it while the Tony's were still on, and don't regret it. I also downloaded Passing Strange and Xanadu, but have not fallen in love with either of them the way I have In the Heights. Xanadu seems like fun, but is something that probably needs to be seen in order to be fully appreciated. I can't get past the Strange in Passing Strange yet.

Riley completed her career as a second grader. To be honest, her last few weeks, she wasn't the type of vigilant student that she's shown she can be in the past, but she also had a lot working against her. I was spending so much time dealing with the KIPP situation, Sylvia went on her 3-day field trip, plus the knowledge that she might not go there next year must've been a lot for a 7-year-old to try to handle, so I'm not giving her too hard a time about it. I just hope that she remains focused next year at the end of the year...and that I have no major KIPP-like situations going on at the time.

Next weekend, we're celebrating the end-of-school-year down at Disneyland. I hope that it's not 112 degrees like it's been this weekend! I've used our a/c at home this weekend much more than I would like. But since we're staying down at the Resort, we'll also have the benefit of a pool and hotel room to go to when we need some downtime. We may have visitors come and go to help us celebrate, which would be nice. If not, we'll manage to have fun, just the 3 of us.

The job's going well. It's a little bit surreal still, having people take me seriously as someone who knows what the heck I'm doing! And there's still so much to learn. But my freaking out has remained at bay for the most part, thanks to so many people cheering me on, available to answer all my stupid questions, and giving me the chance. And the days go so much faster as I exert so much more brain power at work!

Oh, and I've started reading Barack Obama's The Audacity of Hope. He's so thoughtful, so aware of his own biases, as well as the biases of others. If we are so lucky, he will make a great Commander in Chief. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend...and I'm only on the first chapter!!

Wow, this wrap-up is long. I'll shut up now.


Anonymous said...

Oooh congratulations on the lease! Keeping my fingers crossed you sign it really soon.

The thing I really like about Obama is that he is flawed. He is not perfect and he knows it. I think it's more important to have someone in office who knows his own weaknesses than to have someone in office who thinks he's got no failings. It makes him human and a better leader. We need a human president. I'll have to check out that book.

LunaNik said...

Have you considered maybe doing a lease to own type thing with your condo? Do some research on it, it may be the perfect option for you!

BTW, I'm SO glad the BlogBlast for Education was such a huge success. I read every post on the Mr. Linky and tried to comment on them all too. Gotta show my support in every way possible, ya know.


Jen said...

Congrats on the condo AND on the success of Blogblast for Education. We're still discussing over on my blog... it's great! I hope the Disney respite is just what you all need.

Anonymous said...

Blog Blast for Education was amazing...looking forward to the next time!

And April - HUGE happy hugs coming your way about the condo. That is amazing news!!!!!

Keeping everything crossed that it works out for you!

MarĂ­a said...

Yay on your place and the newly third grader!! Sorry I couldn't do the blog blast thing. I don't think I could have properly tied it in with lap dances. LOL

Tara R. said...

Congrats on the condo extension... very cool. *Whew* And a big Atta Girl on the promotion!

Thanks again for hosting the Blog Blast, you got a lot of really good bloggers to participate. You should make it a yearly event.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music recommendation. I'll check it out when I am home again. thanks for checking in on our time in your beautiful state! :)

OHmommy said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I might have to pick it up. Glad to hear you are staying in the condo for a while. I'm sure that is a relief.

I'm trying to catch up on the blog blast right now. ;)

Kori said...

Breathing room is THE best; I am so happy for you! Great job on the BlogBlsat, I am looking forward to being part of it again.

Shiona said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely be adding that. I'm glad things are looking up and that the BlogBlast for Education was a success. I look forward to the next one. Congrats on making it through a trying school year and finally getting some breathing room.

Laski said...

Loved the blog blast. I could have gone on forever and ever . . . thanks so much. It appeared to have been a HUGE success!

I've had to go back through other posts. Your struggle with the school/principal reminds me so much of what we are facing here. Granted I am now offically a FORMER teacher (for now), I am tied to my district. It is amazing to see how much they, the teachers, administration, board all have a direct connection to our children's success. It can be overwhelming to thing of the influence.

BTW, "Anyone who loves musical theatre as much as I do cannot be a pessimist"--so true!

Anonymous said...

You need to give Passing Strange some time before it sinks in. Although it does have some of the hallmarks of Broadway, it differs from In The Heights and others insofar as each song is almost like its own mini-story and contains much meaning, often subtle, in the lyrics and even the music. The songs can stand on their own very easily. ITH is more immediate and the songs all combine together to tell one story like a trad. Broadway musical. Passing Strange eventually does the same, but you have to pay more attention to get there due to its richness, which is why it won Best Book. In the end, the story is about a boy and his relationship with his mom, how after his attempts to find himself in Europe and other places, it was really his mother's unconditional love that made him into who he is.

OHmommy said...

AWwww.... thanks April for that SWEET comment. You like my sweet fam eating off the floors? Classy, eh?

Love ya!

Me. Here. Right now. said...

If I didn't have people available to help me by letting me ask stupid questions on my new job, I'd be out on my ear. People don't suck.