Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm wrapping up a bit early this weekend because we'll be celebrating Father's Day with my own dad later, and then tonight, it's the all-important (to me) Tony Awards. I'm most excited because Stephen Sondheim, my favorite composer, is getting a Lifetime Achievement Award tonight. I've been grilling the girls, who now can tell you that Sondheim is the genius behind Into the Woods, Sunday in the Park with George, Sweeney Todd, Company, as well as the lyricist of Gypsy and West Side Story. (He has many more credits, of course, but these are the ones that my girls know and love.)

Yesterday, we had so much fun at the company picnic. Can you believe that Riley thought it was more fun than D-land? I think it's because everything was free, and there were shorter lines!

The latest update on KIPP is that we have an alternative strategy that we're now working. That's all I can say at the moment.

Sylvia thoroughly enjoyed her 3-day field trip (all expenses paid) to San Diego. They went to museums, parks, swimming, Sea World, Belmont Shores, the Zoo, and the beach. In 3 days! She had a blast, but was still tired on Friday, 2 days after her return. Of course, the kids stayed up too late talking after curfew. But she did handle herself well, and my lack of worry for her was well-founded. She's a good girl who follows the rules and keeps with the group. I'm very proud of her.

Just a note for the single moms out there who might be struggling this Father's Day. I do know how you feel. I haven't mailed Sylvia's card to her own dad (which she made herself, because I refuse to spend more than the postage to mail it). Does that make me a horrible, vindictive person? Here's a better question: do I really care? Since the man has done nothing (nothing) this past year to prove himself worthy of the title "Dad," I'm not going to fall all over myself making sure he gets a card. I'll tell the girls to call him later today, and I won't inquire about the thousands of dollars he owes in child support. That's as much a Father's Day present as I have it in my heart to give. Single moms, just know that I'm thinking of you today and all you do for your kids.

To all the dads who do deserve a Father's Day, then I hope you have a great one!


Anonymous said...

I'm actually making dinner for Little Man's Dad. I feel incredibly blessed that we have remained friends and he is a very big part of Little Man's life.

Men who aren't involved in their kids lives don't deserve the acknowledgement. I don't blame you at all.

MarĂ­a said...

Thank you for that last paragraph. LOL. He brought them home today and him just being near me was enough to set me off. I wouldn't be surprised if he went home and canceled my plane ticket.

I just cannot stand him.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have had a wonderful day with your own father.

Screw the bastard who doesn't deserve the title.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a nice day with your father.

You aren't vindictive. At least, I don't think you are. Mail it when it's convenient to you, and if you forget all together, well, um, damn that post office. It's always losing mail these days!

Tara R. said...

I'd be all about free and shorter lines too.

Happy Father's Day to your dad, and to you for all you do for your kids.

Kori said...

Thanks for touching on the whole fucked up Father's Day deal. It was NOT a good day at our houde, for the most part, so-you know. Can't blog about it because then people might acuse me of being a bitter, man-hating bitch. Oh, wait, I AM! :)

Jen said...

I can't believe I missed the Sondheim tribute??!!

My heart goes out to you and the girls on your Fathers Day situation. I'm glad they have their grandpa and can celebrate with him.