Friday, May 2, 2008

My First BUI

At least, I think it's my first serious Blog Under the Influence! I've commented many times as a Blog Hopper but for some reason, tonight, I've decided to go all out. MAN, it's hard to type!

I'm at my sister's tonight. For the weekend, actually. We're celebrating Mother's Day early as my parents are going out of town. We've met their new dog, who is absolutely gorgeous. But you'll have to wait for pics until I'm back home. I know, how ever will you survive?!?

This week was really busy at work. I didn't get to read nearly as many blogs as normal!

But the good news was, it kept the depression at bay. Well, that and lots of denial and musical theatre songs. I've stopped paying attention to the news. And that whole condo problem and all. But I've made an appt. for therapy so hopefully I'll be able to deal with real life soon. Or soon enough.

So, on May Day, I woke up to something on the news about it being May Day. My head heard it as something having to do with Inauguration Day, and I got all excited for a minute. Until I realized I didn't know who was being sworn in. 'Cuz we haven't had the general election yet. And then it hit me that I still don't know who won the Primary. And THEN it hit me that it can't be Inauguration Day...'cuz it's only May. So I woke up in a really bad mood. He's still our friggin' President after all!

Today at work, I started seeing all the W stuff I have; all gifts from well-meaning friends. A book about how he's the worst President ever, a calendar that counts down the days until he's out of office, a deck of my screensaver. If I hate this man so much, why do I have so many things with his likeness? And here was the other question that hit me today: is he getting paid for all the stuff with his likeness on it? That would really bug the crap out of me.

Either way, no more anti-Bush gifts, please.

What else? Hmmm....

I'm just waiting, hoping the girls have fallen asleep. A benefit of never letting the girls watch Disney Channel at home? It even further drives the addiction when they're away from home. But Sylvia will stay up way too late trying to watch it. And we're sleeping in the same room tonight.

My sister and I just finished watching a couple of episodes of "Lewis Black: Root of all Evil." We watched the YouTube v P0rn episode, and then High School v American Idol episode.

I forgot to mention in my previous AI post that the girls who wave in the first few rows during ballads NEED. TO. STOP. It's so friggin' annoying. What is up with the waving anyway? It made more sense when there were lighters involved, but look like an idiot. And it doesn't make the person singing look any better, either. Really. Stop with the waving.

Okay, Don Mills Diva? (I'm sorry, I'm too drunk rihgt now to even attempt a link!)? And anyone else who wanted to hear more about the nightmare boss! You're kind of depraved, you know that? (and I mean that with all kinds of love) I deliberately only posted a few highlights because I didn't want to sound too whiny. But for all you curious rubber-neckers, I will attempt to find the letter that I drafted for the Board of Directors of the theatre company (but never sent) and just post that. It gives a better overview without me having to get all upset all over again.

This is one of the problems with being a former actor. As an actor, you spend a lot of time doing "sense memory," which means the ability to conjure up the exact same feelings you had when a specific event occurred. I was really good at that. So if I think of something in my past too much, I can feel exactly the same way as I did then. I'm in denial, people! More bad feelings are not what I'm seeking right now! But for you, my dear Don Mills Diva (seriously, people, if you don't know her, then just Google it. It can't be that hard to find!), I will try to find it when I return home.

I don't know if I'll be able to do either my regular Weekend Wrap-Up or Karen C's Spill-it Sunday this week, given the whole being out-of-town thing. I know, you're sorely disapointed. Somehow, though, I think you'll make it!

Oh! I know what else I wanted to say :) Sylvia has been nominated for Best Actor for her Thespian Club at school!! Dn't tell her I said this, but I think she has a really good shot at winning. She was very good.

Okay, that's all for this BUI (or should that be PUI - posting under the influence?)

blog hoppers? I don't know if I'll have anything left to actually blog hop tonight, but maybe tomorrow...


Maureen said...



It's all gooooood.

(as I take another sip of wine).

Happy bloghoppin!


Anonymous said...

This post is very different April, but I like it.

I also so another post here yesterday, but now it's gone. Post regret? I wanted to let you know I read that one. I don't blame you one bit for how you feel, but the word you used to describe yourself isn't one I'd call you--ever.

Karen MEG said...

April, this BUI is actually kind of cool ... almost like "live blogging" without any editing going on, but it's really a neat read!

Not that I condone you getting all liquored up to blog ALL of the time. But I've been known to do it every so often. I wonder if I'd be able to go through my posts and figure out which ones were written while sober?!
And your comments about the AI girls, "Stop with the waving" ... for some reason that had me ROFL!!

Anonymous said...

I like to BUI every once in a while because it's more of a stream of consciousness thing. People seem to like watching me make an a** out of myself as well. Hehe.

"This is one of the problems with being a former actor. As an actor, you spend a lot of time doing "sense memory," which means the ability to conjure up the exact same feelings you had when a specific event occurred."

I'm the same way. I have to watch myself, because I will dwell on past situations a little too much (bad and good). I think that's part of empathy, too.

Kori said...

I think I would like to start drinking again just so I can do this, too. Because you blog better drunk than I do sober, a million times more so!

Piscesmama + One said...

Maybe the girls in the front row are Hare Krishnas, worshiping American Idol.

BusyDad said...

As a BUI expert, I have to say that you were .086% from the looks of that post. Words flowing a little too well, but not yet tripped over. You could have fooled the layman. I won't give you a ticket this time (a drink ticket that is!). Maybe slur a few more words next time and work to a .10% Not bad though. Not bad at all...