Friday, May 30, 2008

Flashback Friday - Bleeding At the Ballet


[In case the title didn't tip you off, bloody references below.]

Nancy and I are going to see A Chorus Line tonight. So it reminds me of when I performed in A Chorus Line.

I think I was 12, playing the part of Connie Wong. Even though I'm Mexican-Irish. But, hey. I was thrilled to be in it. (It was a community theatre production in Santa Cruz.)

Well, one particular Sunday matinee, it was very, very hot.

We were just starting the number "At the Ballet." All of a sudden, I feel my nose start to bleed.

Now, A Chorus Line is a show where the full cast is on stage for most of the time. And, "At the Ballet" happens to be a fairly big production number. At the moment, though, I was still in the line, waiting for our cue. I try covering my nose with my hand, which of course, just means that there's blood running down my hand.

At this particular venue, there's not much of a backstage. And I'm on the side of the stage where the band is directly in the wings. As our cue comes, I manage to dance my way off into the wings. There is nothing around, except the black curtain covering the piano. Which became the world's biggest Kleenex for me.

It finally stopped, and just in time, too. The number was ending and I needed to get back on stage, and rejoin the line.

Bloody noses on hot days were pretty common for me as a kid. My ex got them, too, so the poor girls were given this lovely trait from both sides! They get them pretty regularly. Luckily, it doesn't freak any of us out, and we're not squeamish about it.

Riley just had another one a couple of nights ago. She just calmly stood there, while I handed her tissues until it was all said and done.

Too bad I wasn't doing Sweeney Todd...

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janey jay said...

"Up a deep and very narrow stairway... to the voice like a metronome..." LOVE A Chorus Line. I always wanted to be Diana, as who could resist singing "What I Did For Love." Or "Nothing."

Have a great time at the show!

And yes, too bad it wasn't Sweeney Todd. Your nose bleed would have totally saved on stage blood ;-)

Kori said...

snicker the nicest way. Hey-I am just happy that you made a reference to a show that I have actually heard of AND seen-Sweeney Todd, not a Chorus Line, LOL.

KG said...

Those nose bleeds are SO ick. And the blood GUSHES so fast and yes, of course, it runs down your arm.

It's ok - when I was a kid I once fell off the stage because my tap dancing hat I was wearing as part of my costume fell down over my eyes and I couldn't see. I was 2.5.

sybil law said...

Damn nosebleeds! Luckily, I don't get them, but poor Gilda does, and she is used to them, too.

Anonymous said...

HA! What a moment, eh?

Bridget and I get bloody noses on cold, dry days. No warning. Just everywhere.

Melissa said...

Ha ha... nice. I do have to say that I never get nose bleeds. I have only had one once and it was weird cause I woke up and I wasw bleeding everywhere... but that is it. Apparently since i don't get then a lot I have to make up for it by having a really big gross one :)

Anonymous said...

I love A chorus Line. Have a blast tonight... try not to bleed on the cast.... or the curtains. ;)

GetSmartGal said...

I love A Chorus Line as well-seriously who doesn't! I used to get nose bleeds as a kid also, crazy. I love that you used the piano cover and my mind-being twisted-goes into I wonder if anyone had to use that piano soon after and if there is a story they tell....

"Dude so the other day after those fools (heehee) got done with that dance thing I had to practice on the piano backstage. So I removed the black cover and this slimey red stuff that was all over it got all over my hands, and I didn't realize it and wiped them on my new white jeans and man I was so pissed..."

Lol well maybe something like that, the stuff I do to amuse myself sorry!

MarĂ­a said...

Have a good time!!!

Meg said...

I love a 'Chorus Line.' Can't say I love 'Sweeny Todd,' but Johnny Depp, well...what can I say? He's Johnny Depp!

Have fun!

Jen said...

To let you know just how OLD I am, A Chorus Line came out my senior year in high school, and I lived in NYC and was heading off to the BFA program at Carnegie Mellon, so you can imagine what my graduation present was!

Oh did I. love. that. musical.

Bizarrely enough Sweeney Todd tix were another b'day present. I got to see the original cast with Len Cariou and Angela Lansbury. They were magnificent!

Great post. I think I'll have to post my broken toe piece at some point...