Friday, May 16, 2008

Time for Another BUI...

I'm not actually drunk. Yet. But being really tired, plus having some wine, and being a little bleary-eyed from trying to make that number of posts in my Reader go definitely qualifies as under the influence.

Which reminds me, BusyDad, I think you were pretty on about my alcohol level the last time I did this. Huckdoll's much better at this. She'll still take the time to make links and all. Me? Look to your left, people. They're all there...

Yep, those are the people that are causing the number of posts in my Reader to be 330 right now. I know, some of you have very kindly suggested I just mark 'em all as read and be done with it. But here's the thing...I like reading these! And sometimes it is kind of fun to read 4 posts in a row by the same person. It's like letting 5 episodes of your favorite show build up in your DVR and then having yourself a little marathon.

But I have read some. I'm not commenting a lot right now - forgive me...please?

And then I felt like it was time to write. Not like I have anything to say (obvious yet?). Just felt like writing.

I defragged and that seemed to help my computer problem...for now. I also printed out the blog that someone very kindly left as a comment in my last post. And then I left it at work.

Oh, that's the other thing. My printer decided to stop working. Yes it has ink. Yes, I've cleaned. I even uninstalled and re-installed the software. It acts like it's working. But it's just not. And buying a new home printer is not high on my $$ priority list right now.

But going to Disneyland tomorrow is. I get free tickets through my work so I'm not paying for that, which is awesome, but I still can't seem to leave that place without spending $$. Although, this time, this time, we will remember jackets. And we will take them out of the car and into the park with us.

I can't tell you the number of times I've either forgotten altogether (because we always happen to go on the hottest days of year. Tomorrow's forecast? 94 degrees, baby) so of course, when we get there, the last thing we're thinking of is getting cold later. So sometimes they just get left in the car. And the thought of taking the tram back to the car (the tram seems to be in a wind tunnel and is really really cold) to get them without a jacket. Just seems stupid. So I buy us some. (I get a 35% discount on purchases there. Figured out where I work yet? Oh, and before you ask, sorry, but all my free tkts are already spoken for.) Our hall closet is stuffed with jackets - and even some rain ponchos - purchased from there.

But we really could use some together-time. Family time. This week...this week has been trying, to say the least. I think I mentioned already (not like I expect you to remember - especially if I only have vague recollections myself) that Sylvia spent every afternoon with me. All. Week. Long. On what has no doubt been the busiest week I've had there this year easy. I had to go through 10 boxes of papers, put them all in their proper place, and then box and index another 35 boxes of stuff to be sent to storage. I finished at 2 this afternoon, which just left enough time to do some of the real work. So Sylvia spent most of the time either in front of a DVD player or a computer playing video games. Yeah. Real stimulating stuff. More importantly, real quality time, right?

Unfortunately, Riley does not know this. Even though we've both tried to tell her all week long that it has not been a day at the park, she's been out of sorts all week about it.

Not to mention, this was also the oh-so-fun week of standardized testing (which is why Sylvia was set free early every day).

So our routines were shot.

And, to whine about ME for a minute ('cuz I know, I never do that here), I lost those precious 25-30 minutes between leaving work and being Mom again. Now, said minutes can be spent any number of ways. Blasting and belting out my favorite show tunes (yeah, I'm a geek. Whatever.) Talking on the phone to my sis or my best friend. Catching up on oh-yeah that whole world out there in 20 minutes of NPR (really, that's all the time it takes, right?). And of course, cursing out all the stupid drivers everywhere. That's a given.

The other day, Sylvia was just talking and talking and talking. And I had no active listening skills about me at the time. And I couldn't find it in me to try and laugh at the non-funny jokes and voices. But at the same time, I knew she had a whole bunch of pent-up energy from sitting around for the past 4 hours, being good and quiet. So I said to her, "Sylvia, honey, I know you feel like talking because you didn't get to talk much today, but I'm really tired from working all day, and would just like to relax for a little while. So how about I put on some music as a compromise?" she asked, "Can I sing?" "Of course!" So on went Ain't Misbehavin' and we both belted out our heart's desires. It was good.

And then we got Riley who wasn't so good from seeing us so happy together and decided it was time to pick a fight with her sister. Oh, well. It was a good 15 minutes anyway!

That seems as good as time as any to wrap today's BUI up, don't you think?


BusyDad said...

Where's my hyperlink? Man, you need to practice this BUI a little more. I would have even accepted a hyperlink to busydrdblog or something. How's that wine feeling now? You're probably a few hours into that bottle. Gonna start on my whiskey right about now...

Jen said...

Hope Disneybliss is just what you all need/want/hope for today!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I hope you have a great time at Disney. I'm taking Little Man in November for a combination birthday and Christmas present (his birthday is in Sept) and we are so excited.

Also, if your computer gives you the virtual memory too low again, you really do need to increase the size of that page file ;)

Tara R. said...

I definitely need to get back to BUI, at least then maybe BD would visit me again. That was my glass of whine for the evening. Hope you all had a great time at Disney!

MarĂ­a said...

I wanna BUI!!!