Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Oscar picks

But first, a little housekeeping. I'm trying to Blog Hop, really I am, but my friggin' computer has to stop and think longer than it takes John Kerry to finish a sentence. (I know, dated reference - and yet the first thing that came into my head. Go figure.) Any help from computer pros on what I can do (besides throw it out and spend thousands of dollars on a new one) would be greatly appreciated.

Also, a disclaimer: I'm not doing this based on the actual movies themselves, given that, as usual, I haven't seen them all. But let's face it: politics play a role here. Plus, that "buzz" factor. So let's see how I do, shall we?

Best Actor: Much as I would love to see Johnny Depp win this (particularly since we were deprived of an acceptance speech for his Golden Globe win - and also because he did an excellent job with a role that I questioned his ability to play), I think Daniel Day-Lewis has this all wrapped up.

Best Supporting Actor: I don't see any way that Javier Bardem doesn't walk away with this one. (No, I didn't see the movie - I'm just using common sense here.)

Best Actress: I think this could be one of those surprise moments where Marion Cotillard wins. But the buzz seems to be with Julie Christie.

Best Supporting Actress: I know conventional wisdom is giving this to Cate Blanchett, but she just won one of these a couple of years ago, wasn't it? I think Ruby Dee will win for sentimental reasons. (Haven't seen either of these movies, btw.)

Best Director: Got to be the Coen bros for "No Country for Old Men."

Best Adapted Screenplay: Again, "No Country..."

Best Original Screenplay: If "Juno" doesn't win, I will be among those outraged. No, I haven't seen all the nominees, but this was just so great. It deserves an Oscar win of some sort with some relevance.

Best Picture: Now, you'd think I'd say "No Country..." but I was among those not surprised when "Crash" won a few years ago. The Academy seems to like to spread the love a bit. I think this will go to "Atonement."

I confess, I'm an awards show junkie. I don't know why. I guess there's just something really cool about watching people's dreams come true - even if they are a bit trivial and non-consequential. I mean, I can't live on Election Days alone!!

But hopefully, the best part will be watching Jon Stewart. I'm very much looking forward to his return.


Anonymous said...

I try to pick out ten or so blogs to blog hop with every weekend. Unless I'm having a particularly boring weekend and then I'll do more because I have the time. I try to do different one's each weekend so I'm fair. Of course, I've only been doing this three weeks.

As far as the Oscars? I have no opinion, I've seen none of the movies.

I did see Across the Universe, which I think is nominated for best costume and I felt like my mother.

My mother that was hopped up on Mushrooms in 1969.

MarĂ­a said...

No Country was the best movie I've seen in years. Hands down. It was absolutely amazing. Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem were exceptional, it's the Coen Brother's best work yet and they stayed remarkably true to the book without being monotonous or boring.

There were many good films this year though so many awards could be going all sorts of ways without their being too much complaint. Many are deserving.

Momo Fali said...

I'm looking forward to it too, but I haven't seen a single one of these films. If they handed out awards for PBS and Disney Channel kids' programs, I would be able to make some picks.

Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with your pics!

BookMamma said...

So what do you think?? Looks like you called a lot of them correctly! How freaking cute was Diablo Cody? I just wanted to smooch her.
Totally agree with you about Johnny Depp.