Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Now at TheCherryTree

I'm very excited about my newest blogging venture; I'll be contributing posts at TheCherryTree's blog. TheCherryTree is a brand new site that will help families give a little oomph to their positive reinforcement. When the site is fully functional (sign up for an invite), you'll be able to put specific tasks or goals onto the site, and your child will earn points for their accomplishments. Parents and family members can add words of encouragement or praise.

Families can use the points mechanism to track for a reward. For instance, I'm planning to use the site to encourage Riley with her reading. She'll get 10 points for every chapter, and once she hits 300, then I'll take her to dinner at her favorite restaurant. The child is responsible for checking in to obtain their points, which I also like about it.

My first post is up at TheCherryTree blog, about how our village has rewarded our family in so many ways.

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