Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Latest Budget Update

I opened a savings account, devoted to saving funds for vacation. We're hoping to get away again this holiday season, but it's going to cost. My credit union makes it incredibly easy to open a new account online so I've got a little in there, and have added it to my budget. I won't be adding to it every paycheck, but every little bit helps, right?

I've also created a grocery budget spreadsheet. I may go shopping every week, but I was shocked to learn that grapes cost seven dollars! So I'm inputting the price of everything I buy on the spreadsheet so that I can be armed with as much knowledge as possible before I walk in the door. Oh, and also see just how much impulse spending I do.

Work in progress indeed!


Kori said...

I am sure you already do this, but I always make a list and stick to it, no matter what-which means planning our menus at least a week at a time and making sure I have the ingredients for all of them. Something I just now thought of it that I use coupons all the time-and what if you put into your savings account the amount saved by using coupons? For example, if you used $4.50 worth of coupons, you put that amount in the savings account every week. It isn't a whole lot, but it would add up. I think I will tr y that myself. Becaause, you know, i have to make a trip to D-Land before I DIE, right?

Unknown said...

Grapes!!! Ugh. I always have to say no to them when they're transported in from Chile and Mexico because I just can't drop that amount of cash. The cost of groceries is ridiculous. I've left the store looking at my bill in near-tears on occasion. Just buying the very, very basics every week is so increasingly costly.

Good for you for arming yourself with knowledge!

Vinomom said...

2011 is definitely my year for cutting back. I have got to figure out a way to track my spending more. But I find if I just keep in mind, I can't afford that right now, I buy less.

I'll have to get you to share that spreadsheet with me soon.

Danielle said...

I really need to reel my spending in this year. I seem to have gone off the deep end the last couple of months!