Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As much as I blabber here, there is still so much left unsaid. Those moments that we're living our lives, I don't necessarily remember to record. So every so often, I'll post about these moments that are worth remembering.

  • As is our custom, we were watching Glee together, and while we were already excited about the Diva-Off between Rachel and Mercedes, the song choice literally made Sylvia and I yell "YAY!" and sit up! As soon as the first few notes of "Take Me or Leave Me" from Rent were played, one might have mistaken our simultaneous squeal of delight for a team's winning touchdown! I love that Sylvia and I did the exact same thing in the exact same moment.
  • I was in the middle of watching a harrowing scene (one of many) in The Killing Fields. Riley came out with a game, and asked if we could play. While playing a board game may seem like a trivial response to seeing a man walk barefoot across a country to save his life, somehow it seemed appropriate to appreciate that we have a roof over our head and the time to enjoy each other's company sitting on the floor, playing and laughing together.
  • Sylvia's gotten into the Power of Negative Thinking...but her negativity goes a trifle too far sometimes. She rolled her eyes at the thought of going to the zoo with my parents. I've already told her that I'm not going to take her dread too seriously, because she usually ends up enjoying whatever she's dreading. Sure enough, I get a text from her: "Mom, we just saw a baby koala!" My smile was two-fold: first, that she was enjoying herself, and second, that she wanted to share that with me. 
  • I procrastinated my weekend grocery shopping until Valentine's Day. Big mistake. So many people (men, mostly) rushing in to get flowers with balloons and such! But that's not what cracked me up. It was my cart's contents that were oh-so-typical of a single woman; I had picked up some dark chocolate, a big old carton of cat litter (it was on sale!), and yes, even Ramen noodles for a Chicken Lo Mein recipe I was trying. I had to laugh at myself!

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Erica said...

Shopping carts are so funny sometimes! Uri and I picked up some groceries on V Day and it was just as strange - 12 assorted bottles of wine/champagne (we went on a spree), paper towels, toilet paper, and those moist wipe things.

I love that you had ramen noodles and cat litter.