Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Something Else I Learned in 2010

Even though I haven't participated in F.A.B. Fridays here, I've still been doing the work. I'm developing better routines, better habits. Especially financially. It's not all coming up roses just yet, but there is steady, slow progress.

I am also working on the guilt thing. I don't suppose it'll ever disappear completely, but I'm learning to work through it and focus on what's best for me, when possible. I'm being careful to make sure no one else gets hurt or anything, but I'm also quite proud of myself for not going broke buying a bunch of presents because I thought I "should." I couldn't afford it, it wasn't what was best for us, so I didn't. I didn't go crazy over the girls either, and they were perfectly happy with what they got. And combined with all the presents they got from everyone else, they felt it was the "best Christmas ever!"

All in all, I'd say this year we got what we gave. I'm not just talking about gifts here. I'm talking about how much effort, energy, and care we put into areas of our lives. Sylvia's hard work in art and dance has been paying off so far. The relationships that I care about most are strong and beneficial to both parties. Frankly, we've been getting back far more than we've been giving, but we have been giving, too. We just give in our own ways.

I'm learning how to give how I give best, and to graciously accept offerings. Not just in terms of $$, but in accepting help, advice, learning from what people have to teach just in the way they live their lives. And becoming a better mother, friend, and person for it.


Danielle said...

That is all we can do. I am glad that you are embracing that. Our whole country would be better off if we all were ok with doing "OUR" best.

Adoption of Jane said...


Tara R. said...

It really is hard to accept help, especially when it is offered freely, without having to ask.

I hope 2011 is the best year yet for you and your girls.

BigLittleWolf said...

We had a very minimalist Christmas in many ways, and it was also incredibly relaxing. We had all we needed, and it was more than enough.

I believe that kids know what really matters more than we realize.

Don't forget to give yourself a pat on the back for sticking to your guns financially, and other progress made. And have a wonderful new year's!

Pippi said...

Amen to all of that!

Mandy said...

It doesn't sound like you have anything to feel guilty about.

I ended up spending more on everyone's gifts than I had intended - I think I was feeling generous since I got a tax refund just before Christmas. But then I found there was a mix up with my homeowner's insurance which my mortgage company hadn't paid... waiting for the credit card bill now.

I did not decorate as much as in previous years - I was doing it on my own and decided I wasn't going to drive myself crazy trying to do it all. You know what ... the kids haven't said anything about the missing garlands. I think they know they can't say anything because aside from the outside decorations, they really didn't help.

Anonymous said...

Great post April! And I really feel by sticking to your financial plan, you're teaching your girls as well. You're showing them you can't spend money you don't have.. this is something parents should show and teach their kids in general.

I know with my two I am not above telling them, "I don't have the money for that." And I'll even tell them that they don't NEED that toy, they just WANT it.

So I say way to go. It teaches good financial morals.

Cat said...

Sounds like the girls had a great time, which is really all that matters. Love > Money, always.