Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Past v Christmas Present

It was my 2nd Christmas as a single parent when a lovely friend gave me cash with strings. The strings were, I had to spend it on me, not the girls, and it had to be for something I wanted, not needed.

That year, I really struggled with that. I wanted to use it for groceries. Or child care, or another present for the girls. I could think of a hundred ways to use that money, but came up absolutely blank for something for just me. I don't actually remember how I used it in the end, but I remember the stress of it!

This year, another dear friend did the same thing. This year, I'm not feeling anxious about it. This year, I can't wait to go to Nordstrom Rack and buy myself some new clothes! (Well, I can wait long enough to not go the day after Xmas; that's just crazy!)

It does seem rather ironic that I no longer stress about being selfish. I did stop long enough to ask myself if that really was a good thing. But hey, at least I can follow directions now!

Of course, it could have something to do with the fact that my mom and I were perusing scrapbooks from Christmases past and saw my same outfits over and over again! Guess it is time for some new apparel to go with the new 'do!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! As we head into the New Year, let's all remember to be a little selfish every now and then. Especially if someone gives you money for it :)


Danielle said...

I like that idea and I am glad you are going to do something for yourself with it! You deserve it. PS, I love the new Du!

BigLittleWolf said...

I suggest that we women - mothers especially - give away too much of our selves. I do it too, and I know it.

I wrote recently about the difference between selfish and self-interested. If you look up the word "selfish" - it's an excessive amount of self-interest.

I am certain you aren't selfish. What you are is a mother who has had to juggle so much for so long, and money being part of the strain of it all.

I'm glad you'll be able to give yourself a chance at the Nordstrom rack. But give yourself a chance at seeing it as pure pleasure - without even a hint of selfishness involved.

(And enjoy every second of it!)

qandlequeen said...

Glad you found some balance! Merry Christmas!

Sandra said...

Ah yes, receiving money with strings attached. I know this well...
Glad this year you knew exactly where to go and what to do with that strings-attached cash!

Penelope said...

I love that a friend did this for you! It is much deserved. Enjoy getting new clothes!

Penelope said...

I love that a friend did this for you! It is much deserved. Enjoy getting new clothes!

Mandy said...

I love the strings that were attached to your gift and congratulations for learning that your needs are important too. It's OK to make them a priority. That's was probably the hardest lesson I've learned from my divorce.

How's the new do working out? Are you loving it?

Love and happiness for 2011

jenn said...

I can understand how you felt selfish the first time that happened. I remember getting money for my birthday when Shiloh was a baby, and spending it on her.

I still have my moments of guilt, but I am much better about spending money given to me on me. Heck, she has a better wardrobe than I do anyway. :)