Friday, December 31, 2010

Peaceful New Year

I've been talking a lot lately about finding more accurate words than striving for "happiness." I don't know why it took me so long to find it; I've even used it here before: Peace.

Peace of heart and mind: knowing that things aren't perfect, but you're heading in the right direction.

Peace in love: appreciating all the love there is around you from friends, family and even in the kindness of strangers.

Peace in work: outside of the home, inside the home, whatever it may be, but knowing that your days are busy making meaningful contributions.

Financial peace: accepting that most of us aren't millionaires, but knowing that we are doing the right things with our money.

Peaceful home: okay, so having kids makes this one extra challenging, but striving for the sounds of laughter and joy, and understanding that in tears, there is usually some progress being made in our little ones' development.

Peace in soul: being present and giving to those who need us.

Wishing you all a peaceful 2011!!


Tara R. said...

YES! This is it, this is what I am striving for too. Peace... and happiness can only follow.

qandlequeen said...

Peace to you!

Stopping by to wish you a happy new year!

BigLittleWolf said...


That sounds just about right. Have a wonderful new year!

L.A. Story said...

Peace is the perfect word. Hope you and your girls have a very peaceful and fulfilling New Year! :)

Cat said...


Danielle said...

I agree. I am striving for internal peace in 2011!
Here is to a good year ahead!

Singlemomsong said...

Happy New Year! I'll be checking back as we have some "move on" heading our way too. Would love to hear more about how/if that goes for you.